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2010 in retrospect

I am yet again faced with the challenge of reviewing my experiences for this year (not really a challenge, since it has become a ritual of mine xD).

Being the homebody or dormbody person that I am, there's not much of a thrill that happened to me this year. As what my cousin promptly told me "You need to have a life! Do not always be in front of your laptop, or your books, or football". To which I replied, "I'm completely happy and contented with my life."
I guess, for people like me, contentment comes in a different way.

Moving on, let me bring you what constituted an amazing #2010 for me (in random order):

* I got a job - YAY. Getting a job = sign of maturity & sign of me putting laziness behind. Though, I sure have lots of complain regarding my part-time job, that's nothing to what I experienced and also, who would complain about getting paid (being underpaid is better than nothing, 'di ba?)? Plus I got to meet the sweetest and most adorable tutee :)

* Comm Res blockmates - if before, we were not close, come first semester of this year, everthing changed ^_^.

* RM 214 - super crazy but fun roommates. I never expected that we'll be as bonded as we are now. Uber glad to have them as my roomies ♥

* books - Judith McNaught and Martha Cecilia's, specifically. 'nuff said ^_____________^

* friends and family - through thick and thin, I'm glad I have you all throughout this year, though sometimes I tend to sit down and reflect on why I don't have that many friends (emo), but having you (you know who you are) by my side is more than enough :) And I was also fortunate enough to discover a few who, I'm sure we'll forever be a part of my life.

and last, but definitely not the least,

* FOOTBALL - it has taken my world by storm. As in literally. You should have seen this coming :) If you're aware of my addiction for a thing, nothing can surpass that of football (kpop and asian dramas can be an equal, I guess)

Greatful for that one fateful July day, I discovered La Furia Roja

and that's only the beginning of my football craze. LOL.

It has led me to buy jerseys/kits, lanyards, keychains, etc. And to download games. If before, what I DL were dramas, movies, now it's football games. I tell you, being a Pinoy football fan is costly, since it is hard to find merchs here, plus, there are but a few fans I know. And, it's the reason why I took a Spanish class. Mucho loco, bien?

However, due to the popularity of the Azkals, football is starting to pique the interest of the Pinoys :) Hopefully, in a few years time, football will be a big sport here, just like anywhere in the planet.

Just remember, it's football, not soccer (jajaja, at first I used soccer too).

That's it. My 2010 ^^

December 13-18

would have to be the busiest week I ever had :}

Aside from the exams, I was basically outside all the time (or so I believe in my standards)

December 13 - Tutorial + Caroling

December 14 - Psych long quiz + class until 7 pm + caroling

December 15 - Comm 120 exam + Starbucks & KFC trip with roommates + general room cleanup until midnight

December 16 - Divisoria with Joanna!!! and Christmas Party in our room.

Divisoria experience: Joanna and I chanced upon seeing someone who's ubbbeeer cute! or handsome. LMAO.

Also, I discovered about this shop in Divisoria (168 mall) that sells football goodies (though of course, it wasn't authentic merch), I bought keychains, and I swear, I would have bought more if only Joanna did not pull me out of that store xDDD It's like a football haven for a fan like me :P

Pangako talaga, babalikan ko yung store na yun and bibilhin ko yung tumblers, balls, and pillows na gusto ko. Though torn talaga ako kung anong team ba talaga ang ipaprioritize ko (Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, or La Furia Roja xD)

December 17 - Pictorial with roommates

Lantern Parade

SM-ing with Marianne: definitely the most tiring day of my life. WAHAHAHAHA.

December 18 - Christmas Party in my workplace, ended up at 11pm-ish, Sarah & I almost missed the last jeepney ride to my dormitory xD

Philippine Football Team: Thoughts and My Pick

**note (7/2011), I do have a different list of faves by now :))

It took a win against Vietnam to turn the Philippines' attention towards football. That first, our country has potential in football as compared to basketball, second that football is an exciting game, and lastly, that ballers are hot. LMAO.

It's a sad thing that we did not advance to the finals, and I have to admit that it broke my heart to see the Azkals give their all out and lose. The odds were all against us (home court advantage, biased referee-ing, etc), still we managed to show them what we were made of, I think given a few years, we can be among the best. Seriously. We just have to train harder and we have to work on our offense, if North Korea can qualify in the World Cup, why can't we?

Football is the most famous sport in the world, yet we are addicted to basketball. I have nothing against basketball, I was once a fan but it's time that we try to switch to a sport where we can excel more. The sad thing is, even our fellow kababayans have little faith in our team, even I was not interested in our football team until the much celebrated win against Vietnam. As I was watching the game yesterday, people around me were telling na Ay, matatalo na yang Pilipinas", they were all saying that, and I told them na hindi pa tapos ang laban.

I have to admit that we still have to learn a lot, especially in our offense, we have to work on our midfield, we have to train our strikers, etc. As for defense, we're doing pretty great, I was amazed at how great they were at defending. And as for our goalie, we undeniably have the best goal keeper. Neil Etheridge deserves all the praises. He has what it takes to be the next Iker Casillas. He's only 20, given the proper training, he can be a well known player globally :)

Enough with my thoughts, I'll give you the list of my favorite players in our football team.

1. Neil Etheridge - You should have seen him. At first, I was not much of a fan, but after seeing him save goals, I was mesmerized. He's a brilliant goalie I'm gonna die (lol, despicable me?!)

2. Christopher Greatwich - idk, but I can't stop myself from looking at him whenever he's on the field :)

3. Rob Gier

4. Anton del Rosario

We definitely have the handsomest players in this side of the globe, no doubt about that. It's enough to be a starting ground for Pinoys to be interested sa football.

Though most of our players are half-half, the fact that they accepted to play for the Philippines and are proud enough to say/recognize that they are Filipinos are more than a proof that they are indeed Pinoys. Hindi naman sa minamaliit ko yung team natin, pero considering how we fare sa football before the Vietnam game (or the few games before that), don't you think na we should be happy na naglalaro pa sila for us? I mean there's no guarantee that we'll even make it to the top, and wala talagang support for them (or minimal lang), gaanong sacrifice na lang yun for our country, right?

And to think na 0-1 yung results ng dalawang game against Indonesia is something. We conceded to them by 1 point in both games, when in fact, tinatambakan lang ng Indonesia yung ibang team.

I am proud of our football team, I was on the verge of crying yesterday because of the unfair calls of the referees. I think that was the first time I got so emotional about a football game, not even Spain NT, Real Madrid, Liverpool or Arsenal games elicited that emotion from me. Siguro it boils down to one point, no one can ever replace the Philippines. Once a Filipino, always a Filipino :) And we should focus more attention in football :D


I solemnly swear that I will study like I've never done before.

My last week in school will be full of hardships (ok, I'm a bit exaggerating).

All the while I thought, this coming week will be a breeze but how wrong I was.

First there is a Pysch 108 quiz. Yeah, a quiz, but we were asked to review all the readings she assigned since the start. Sana tinawag na lang na exam 'di ba?

And the terror subject - Comm 120 (Media Law). Major major exam, though it's supposed to be a 25 item exam but still... Reviewing/reading the cases can assure one of a massive headache. I was trying to go over them, but I found myself yawning (too hard to understand). Being a lawyer is definitely not in my dreams xD

In my Span 10 class, we're suppose to watch a Spanish film (yet again) on Tuesday. Rec 2 it is, but it's optional. I won't be coming, since Rec already scared the hell out of me (yes, Horror stuff is not my thing)

After which, CHRISTMAS BREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! My favorite time of the year :)

To make peace or not.

Sibling misunderstandings. My not-so-younger-than-me brother (Oyo Boy) and I frequently have one.

The latest episode was last night. He asked me to come to him, and when I did, he showed me that he had a cake. I asked him to give me some but he only taunted me more, hiding it, etc.

I told my mom about it and my mother asked him to give me some, he agreed but on one condition: he'll be the one to feed me a portion. Being a matakaw, I refused.

I got the chance to have two small bites and he snatched it away, telling (and yelling) me that I was unfair, etc. At that point, I was so angry that I walked out on him and I told him that I would never ever again give him anything.

I promised myself that I would not talk to him. Honestly. That was a delicious cake! T_______T HAHAHA. It's childish I know but whatever.

A few minutes back, my cousin bought popcorns (the traditional one). The thing is, I am unsure if I can cook it right, my mom would have done it but then she needed to go somewhere, which led me to my next resort: my brother. He likes to cook (and is way better than me) but I just vowed last night that I won't talk to him. So what should I do now? Should I just swallow my pride. I WON'T!

LMAO. This is just so us. My brother and I fighting over food.

Thoughts on El Clásico

I can't wait! I've been waiting for this match ever since I started loving Spain's NT. I remember what I said months ago: "I'll be fine on whichever team wins since I love them both"

However, after being exposed to the world of football, I take back what I said. LMAO. I know it's La Roja over any other team, but La Roja vs. La Roja? I'll side on the team that Sergio's in :) It's still Sergio above all the others. jajajaja. And for that #halamadrid!

My take on El Clásico: I honestly don't know.

I've never watched any El Clásico games before, nor did I watched any Barca games. And perhaps you'll stone me to death when I tell you that so far, I've only seen one Real Madrid game *hides in the corner*. It's not what you're thinking! LOL. I am updated with anything that's happening to RM, it's because I know that they're unbeatable so I'm quite at ease xD.

Another confession: I think I'm a fan of the Premier League than La Liga (for now).

Moving on, I do hope that Real Madrid wins. Their last win over Barca was in 2008, and I guess it's time to break that spell. Why? Well, because I'm watching? jajajajajaja. JK.

Barca's got the best players in the world (duh, Messi, Xavi, Villa, etc), no doubt about that. But RM also got fine players (SERGIO! Higuain! lol) and the best keeper at that (yay, San Iker!). And I think having Ozil will definitely make a difference (go go go go Mesut!).



A few days back, I thought that it will be shown tomorrow at dawn (I even prepare to wake up early for that), but it will be shown either tomorrow evening or at dawn on Tuesday (PH Time).

BOO. It definitely s*cks to live in a dorm. The connection won't permit me + I have a full day sched ahead of me on Tuesday (and a quiz TT).

So I vowed to myself that I won't spoil myself. I won't open my twitter, fb, ymail, or any site concerning football until I get to DL and watch the match on Friday.

But, it will always be Real Madrid for me. Sana magdilang anghel ako.


So I was wrong. They did lose. And a terrible one for that. I told myself that I won't be spoiled, but as I was DL-ing the match, I accidentally saw the result, at first I was reluctant to believe it, but as I was watching the game, I knew that it was useless to hope.

The thing is, Barcelona did great, I commend them for that. They were the better team, and for that congratulations :)

Thoughts: Mou shouldn't have subbed Mesut out, lol. Like for real, he could had done something to change the outcome of the game.

And I never knew Higuain wouldn't be able to play, that may also be a factor.

And the drama. Really. Seeing the "fights" that ensue was more exciting than the game itself. CRon and Pep, and the "RAMOS" explosion towards the end. Oh Sergio. That was heartbreaking to watch :|

Overall, despite the outcome, it was an unforgettable El Clasico for me. Definitely an unforgettable first =D

This is what dreams are made of

No, not the Lizzie McGuire song. jajajajaja.

For this blog's current topic, it will be all about dreams.

I find it fascinating that sometimes when I dream, it's all about things, places, etc that I have never encountered nor seen.

Take for example a recent dream I had. In it, I was explaining to someone a problem involving the internal organs. I was a surgeon, I think. What's puzzling was I was saying things that were too technical (and which I haven't heard of in real life).

Another is when I dream of Spaniard football players. There was one when I was talking to Nando in pure Spanish, I was so amazed at myself. Trivia: Nando's my most dreamed about football player, I think I've dreamed of him five times, as opposed to Sergio (twice).

And of course, who haven't dreamed of flying? I'm sure we all do. It's surreal, right?

What puzzles me most is how can I conjure up places in my dream that I have never seen in my life? Which leads me into thinking that perhaps we all have this hidden potential in us, we are all capable of greatness but then it remains untapped.

Harry Potter

a post dedicated to HP (obviously).

So I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Thursday, and I personally believed that it was the best HP film ever (gotta wait for the 2nd part).

What I did was I rewatched HP 1-6 this weekend with my cousin (who has never read the books nor watched the movies) and while doing so, a lot of memories resurfaced (emo alert).
I first watched the film before I read any of the books. I remember back when I was still in grade 5 (I think), my dad rented a film. He told me to watch it because he heard that it's good. And so I did, from what I can recall, I enjoyed the film but then I was a bit clueless about what was happening (I was still young), I didn't even know that it was based from a book xD

Then I was in grade 6. I was away from school, competing in an editorial contest somewhere in Quezon province. We stayed there for I think three days? We slept at a class room, there was no radio, no TV, nothing. Thankfully, one of my classmates brought a book: HP and the Chamber of Secrets, it was then that I first read the book (out of boredom), and the rest is as you know it.
Since I'm in he mood for reminiscing, let me tell you my HP films experience

The Sorcerer's Stone & Chamber of Secrets - rented a copy of the movie.
Prisoner of Azkaban - bought a pirated copy and *regretted it.
Goblet of Fire - I think I rented a copy.
Order of the Phoenix - I was a college freshie then (lived in a dormitory), and can you believe that I watched it all by myself in a cinema? HAHAHAHA. Me = the eternal loner.
Half-Blood Prince - watched it in a movie house with Joanna :)
Deathly Hallows
- with roommates ;)

*Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book out of the series, and you could just imagine my remorse after watching the movie (pirated copy). PoA remains as my least favorite HP movie (at some point CoS is my least fav.), ohhh the irony.

I solemnly swear that I will cry at HP 7.2. When Dobby died, I cried (or teared up) a lot, same as when Sirius died. I just hate farewells :(

One of my friend tagged me a photo in FB.

Alder's supposed to be my wand ;)

Alder (Fearn)

March 18 - April 14

Sculpted in resin and measures 17.5 inches.

"The Alder Wand features a skeletal torso under the head of a serpent. Alder wood is said to protect against drowning, shield against death curses, ill omens, destructive emotions, and cultivate visions of the inner and outer worlds, bridging above and below."

Hablo español

Span 10 would have to be my favorite subject ever in my college life (aside from Psych 101). No it's not about my prof, classmates, etc (I'm a loner, yeah). It's about the subject :D If you truly love a subject, you need not worry about studying it.

Hablo Español. I wish that by the end of this semester, I can speak and understand a bit of Spanish ^.^ Definitely one step closer to my Spanish dream =P

Speaking of Span 10, during our class last Thursday (second meeting this sem), when I was about to sit in my seat, I noticed there was someone occupying my place, what I did was I sat on the seat beside him (a seat apart), and after a sideway glance, I learned that he's a Spaniard (the boyfriend, I think of one of my classmates).

HAHA. You can guess what popped to my mind that time "balang araw, magkaka boyfriend (and hopefully hubby) din ako na Spaniard!" Look at what the crazy world of football has done to me :))

TV no more

I used to pride myself as someone who watches series, dramas, etc. as if it matters the world to me, but now it's different.

I'm a huge Asian drama fan, and I have all the popular ones DL-ed but for the past couple of months, I lost interest. I have yet to watch (and finish) Cinderella's Sister, Playful Kiss, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Liar Game, Water Boys II, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck however the thought of watching these (even one) is not appealing at the moment (okay, except Chuck and Grey's). I have all these series DL-ed (gahhh, imagine the time and disk space I wasted) but sadly, I don't have the heart to see them.

So what's the fuss? I discovered that Mary Stayed Out All Night's first two episodes were UL-ed with subs and I know I must DL it =P I just hope Jang Geun Seok could bring back the fire in me. And actually, I am currently thinking of basing my research topic on Television consumption, so that figures ^^

If there's one show that's getting me hook, it's the Vampire Diaries

I've read the books a few years back, and when I learned that they're making a series based from it, I felt nothing =D. Then when I looked at who's portraying Stefan, I decided that I'm not going to watch it (I know it's bad of me). More than a year after the first season aired, I finally caved in. I'm so glad I did. Though I can't remember what happened in the books (a weakness of mine) but I absolutely like the series :) Would not elaborate more ('coz I'll be making a review in my other blog) but I prefer Stefan over Damon, jajajajaja.


Been feeling down lately.

Know the feeling when you just want to sit down and reflect on everything? But then reflecting only gives you more worries? And when you try to do things to distract yourself, you can't seem to put your heart into it?

YEAH. That's what I'm experiencing. Can't even pinpoint the main source of this depression. There's just too many.

My life's gotta have some direction *sigh*


I thought blogging my feelings down would ease my feelings :( And it appears that I'm not the only one feeling depressed x.x


I was in the mood to make gifs this morning (first ever attempt), and these are the results :)

Photos came from our room's semender last October. Pardon my vanity (hey, this is my blog so I can do all that I want :D)

Fernando Ramos.

No. You're mistaken, I'm not taking about THE Fernando Ramos (I know you wish I did)

As I was searching for possible subjects this coming semester, I asked my classmates on which Span 10 professor to take. There were a lot of suggestions, but one of my blockmates made this astonishing suggestion:

Take Sir Ramos's class. At the mention of the surname Ramos, I became giddy.

Then she told me that Sir Ramos is a pure Spaniard (blue-eyed too?), but the problem was, he's not teaching Span 10&11 anymore ('coz he wants to teach the class in straight Spanish). Out of curiosity, I asked his full name.

FERNANDO RAMOS. I even repeated the question twice, and she had this straight face on (she's not a fan of football).

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear after I'm done with Span 10&11, I'll pursue higher Span (even if it's not required). :)


Sabi ng tatay ko naniniwala siya sa mga kaluluwa.

Para sa'kin totoo din sila, yun nga lang hindi pa ko nakakaexperience na makaramdam.

Pero naisip ko lang, kung nakikita ba nila tayo, ano kaya yung naiisip nila? I mean, alam pa rin kaya nila yung nangyayari? May access ba sila sa thoughts natin? How would they know na iniisip natin sila? Or is it possible na yung mga puso natin yung nakakaramdam ng lahat?

Are they happy? May magagawa kaya sila para maguide tayo sa buhay? Andami ko talagang tanong. I'll never know the answer, but someday I'm sure I will :)

Welcome back leader nim ♥

To Shinhwa's adorkable leader-nim, Eric oppa, welcome back!

I'm almost tearing up T____T. A few years more and we'll see Shinhwa again. That I can't wait.

Shinhwa's the reason why I love the color Orange so much =)


I'm too lazy to do anything.

Too lazy to watch, too lazy to read, all I wanna do is to stare and to think. I've been doing that for the past few days, talk about an unproductive sembreak.

On the bright side, I'm writing a fan fic, and finally I have the guts to publish it online (will not tell where 'coz I'm too embarrassed).


Terrified. Such an amazing song. I think I've fallen in love with the song, and with Zachary (Chuck). Truth is, my FF's entitled Terrified.

Ocean's 11, 12, & 13

Just because it's Cesc's favorite movie (O11) : )

Should I then try Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl? (nu-uh)

hope my dls will finish in time :D


On the other hand, it gets pretty tiring when you keep on refreshing CRS to see that only 2/6 of your grades are posted :|


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM! Even though I seldom say that I love you but deep in my heart I'll always do =)


I'm sorry sore eyes, kung ako ay nasaktan mo~~~

Blogging from my room, where I am being detained by my eyes. Soreeeey Eyes Day 4.

And it's supposed to be my sembreak already (aside from my CRes 125 final requirement).

Sembreak's supposed to be fun. I could finish all the series that I want, I can watch TV anytime, I can surf the net all day long, and I can read books, but apparently, I haven't done any of those (aside from watching some episodes of Chuck).

Oh, sore eyes, is this my punishment for treating my eyes poorly?

Please heal soon. I still have to start on my paper due Tuesday. BOOHOO


I can't believe I'm feeling down after watching my first ever football game live (via streaming).
Liverpool lost, and though it was the first time I saw Liverpool play, my heart goes with them (I have yet to see Arsenal play).

Depressing as it may seem, watching a game live made my heart beat so fast. I never knew I could love football any more.

What more if it's El Clasico? I think I'll die =P

Sergio R. & I

What will happen if I marry Sergio? How will our baby look like?

haha. Isn't the pic lovely? I tell you, I tried morphing Cesc and my picture together (using diff. pics), but the results were sickening, wahahahaha.

Stop Right Now

Thank you very much, I need somebody....

A lot has happened this week, but I'll cover it in my next post(s).

While I was searching for videos in YT, I suddenly felt that I needed to see SG's 2 Become 1, which lead to me seeing, Victoria and David's interview

aren't they a cute couple? No matter what the rumors surrounding David's extra marital affairs are, I still believe that he loves Victoria, they're so meant for each other.

When we were young, my cousins and I frequently listened to Spice Girls' song, we used to imitate them, and since I was one of the youngest, my older cousins always chose who they wanted to be, and so I became Posh Spice. At first , I wasn't happy, but I got used to it. Which made me think, if Victoria married David, isn't it possible for me to marry a baller? HAHAHA. Pardon my thoughts, it's just that I have these weird imaginations. We can never tell. LMAO.

I can imagine Victoria telling me "Stop Right NOW!!!!"

My father and his charice addiction

I just have to blog this.

Recently, I learned about how my father's a fan of Charice.

My mother ranted on how my father always watches Charice's videos on YT every night (I'm not even exaggerating). Then my mom said that she doesn't like Charice. My father on the other hand boasts of Charice whenever he got the chance (he was telling me of Charice's performance in Italy, America, etc. and how good she is).

A little while back,I heard my father lecturing some of my cousins and neighbors. The kids were singing something in the tune of Pyramid. My father immediately retaliated with:

"Why are you doing that? She's our kababayan, it's okay if you're doing it to Bieber's song (who's not our kababayan), but not with Charice's."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My father's really funny. You should see how he is when it comes to my brother =P

Such a sad, sad day it is

I was telling my mother about what happened to Mari eonni over at breakfast, and while I was doing that, my tears started to fall down, my mom asked me why would I cry over someone who I haven't met yet, and I told her, "kahit na, mabait talaga siya, probably you'll never understand the connection we have (in general)".

After reading all the dedications at her FB wall, the post dedicated to her over at absolutshinhwa and shinbiz, the tears would automatically fall.

And when I opened my laptop this morning, I found out that her baby joined her in heaven (RIP Baby Alex). How cruel life is. I couldn't imagine what I'll be doing more if I happen to knew her personally.

As for the other depressing news: football.

Arsenal lost. Liverpool lost. Nando is injured. Cesc is injured. Navas is injured.

I wished we have a cable subscription. I'd be happy if ESPN would be the only channel in our TV, I even asked my mom how much would the monthly fee be (I'm willing to pay for it), but then again, I live in a dorm, and I stay only for two days in our house, it would be such a waste of money, I have yet to discover a site where I can stream live games (if you know a place, please tell me)

RIP Mari unnie.

I'm still in shock. As in super shock (and crying).

I saw a stat on my FB homepage implying about the death of Mari unnie.

Though I haven't met Mari unnie but still we've had our little chat and messages online. For those who do not know, Mari unnie introduced me to ShinhwaPH. If I'm not mistaken she's the woman behind Shinhwa PH.

She's been so kind, as in. And she's still young, what made me sadder was that she's pregnant (aoth the baby's fighting for her life, let's pray for her).

Unni, wherever you are, I hope you'll be happy. I'll be praying for you and your family and also for your baby.

Lady Crush

I would not be ashamed to tell you that Shakira is my lady crush. LOL. She's become my idol, I don't even know how it started.

She's almost perfect, for me that is. As I was telling my cousin, she could have all the guys in the world that she like with her beauty and talent. And I'm sure she's got a good heart ^____^

Plus, she's one of the luckiest person ever (or is it the other way around?)

Pique, Messi, and Nadal? Seriously? =P I wouldn't be surprised to see if in her next MV we'll see more sports icons ;)

Obsession. Football. Internet. Blog.

It took one subject to pinpoint how much of an addict I am. LOL.

Yesterday, during my computer class, we were talking about Internet's role in our lives.

We talk about the usual things and then our teacher ask us if certain characteristics applied to us.

Facebook. I think I'm an FBookworm TT. My blockmates think so too.
Blog. I keep lots of blogs. And each with a specific purpose (most of my bmates don't keep one).

Fandom and the internet. My teacher asked us who were fangirls, and my bmates immediately pointed me. What did I told them? My fandom and SHINHWA! and man was I proud >.<

Internet issues. I contributed a lot, and this just intensified people's view that I'm an internet addict.

Internet and media consumption. Answer: Kdramas, movies and FOOTBALL. Most of my classmates were amazed that I'm a football fan and as expected I told them of how MUCH I love football.

Sites, Tutorials. My teacher told us of this site:

this prompted me to ask if there was a Spanish tutorial in that site, and when I did, one of my friends told my teacher that I wanted (badly) to go to Spain and that I wanted to marry a Spaniard! Imagine that?

as for the site above, if you're interested to learn a language, do sign up, I think it's super helpful :)

Vamos a aprender español!


Sem's almost done. Not quite but still a lot of my worries ended within this week.

So hello, worry-free weekend, though I still have an exam in Chemistry but it's fine. At least I get to relax and do things that I was used to doing before all those academic related stuff (and tutorial job) got in the way xD.

I had a super hyper day yesterday, as in I was talking a lot (which is unusual), I don't care wth I'm saying, I participated a lot in class discussion, and I drank 3 cups of coffee, not to mention that I had 3 hours (?) worth of sleep. No wonder why.

And my Spain & Brazil lanyard arrived today, so if ever you see someone wearing a Spain FIFA lanyard, that will probably be me :P

New header and Özil.

Someday I'll be a pro in photoshop xD

So what's with the header? I was making a poster for one of my major subjects and I kinda get the hang of PS-ing which led to the creation of my present header.

I was thinking of putting Sergio and Cesc together as my header but it's too much for a noob like me.

Don't judge me by my header. I was looking through my Sergio pics, and I thought the one above suits the header best. LOL. And have you seen the quote? Lol. So ironic right? Where is the shirt Sergio?


On to other things, the ad for FIFA 11 came out recently,

Mesut Özil.

You have a way of capturing people's attention.

The part where in his name was shown glowing is super cool, don't you think? Plus, I read @ unamadridista's blog that his favorite drink is iced tea, now tell me, can I ever ignore this man? We can drink iced tea all day long, my treat! haha. And oh well, he can rap.

UNDP 8MDG & the La Roja boys

What's with you Spanish men? You're totally making me fall for you~~

In line with UN's 8 Millennium Development Goals, our boys appeared in this ad:

for the translation, you could go over at conlaroja.

NOW. I really love Sergio's voice (and he was featured longer than the others), I mean he has one of the most manly voices in the team (and perhaps even in Spain? lol), and I love his sincerity. Plus, he talked about the environment, Mr. Ramos, can I interview you for my group's research paper? <3>:)

As for Nando, I find his pose awkward? still he's as handsome as ever.

CESC! What will I do with you? You're getting hotter by the minute, but I was surprised about your voice, lol. Well it doesn't matter ;)

I personally like Capdevila and Pepe Reina's voice sexay! Special mention to DAVEEEED, stay gorgeous :)

CRes blockmates

Communication Research Block 8.5.

Call me emo but I think I'm glad I shifted to my current course (though research is like harakiri) and that I was able to meet my blockmates! LOL.


I dreamed of Nando. again. (part of this blog's purpose is to be an account of my dreams xD).

weird. it was short, nando and I were like groupmates in school (research groupmates), and we were about to have a group meeting but he did not showed up, so I called him, and he answered! My subconscious that time told me that I was lucky to have my call answered by him (he was like the school's heart throb), and do you know what? his voice is to die for, I mean it's really really really really manly and I felt my heart skip a beat while talking to him. He apologized to me because he had to go home (to his wife! wth, even in my dream?) and he'll make up for it. Basically that's what my dream's all about.

HAHA. I know it's simple but hearing his voice was so unforgettable. lol. So now it's two for Sergio, two for Fernando and one for Cristiano (that I'll reveal if I'm up to it).

And because we're in the topic of Nando, do you know that everytime I hear the song Alejandro, I always imagine Fernando, who wouldn't?

I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

When will I dream of Cesc? Speaking of Cesc/Cescy, everytime I see him tweet, I can't help but smile, 'coz I can't stop picturing his profile pic in my head. Cesc=Cecsy=Sexy.


On to other things, I recently discovered that most of the people who view my blog were searching about football. Can you imagine that? HAHAHAHAHA.

no more lazy bum.

Gone were the days when I can watch a drama, movie, or read a book every weekends (and school days). Hello college! Suddenly, I can feel your pressure onto me, why is it only now? (after 3.5 years of spending time together). TT

Kill me quick. Kill me now.

ARGGGGHHHHH. Too stressed out to think.

What will become of me for the weeks to come? Let alone this coming week?

Things that've been bugging me

[] Tutorial job - I have to go to Simon's place tom. and tutor him for 6 hours. Since 1 pm this afternoon I am trying to study about Chemistry because the materials that were given to me didn't contain answers. BLEH. Plus I have to think of Math questions worthy of a college entrance exam level. Screw math and science =D

[] Comm 140 report - this one's on tuesday, and as I always say, I hate reporting, I haven't even started with my slides

[] BC 100 report - on Wednesday, same as my problem in 140

[] CRes 115 data gathering - data collection for McDo/Jollibee consumers in QC. Target sample size = 384. Heaven bless our group.

[] CRes 115 - ttest for survey questionnaire, due tom. I'm planning on computing it manually (I don't trust computers)

[] CRes 125 - poster/pamphlet. The deadline was supposedly yesterday, but as I was attempting to save our work (we work in pairs), our PC died on us. Pathetic right?

[] Tutorial Job - every M,T,W from 5-7 pm. I'm not complaining.

And the things I wrote above are only the things I'm supposed to do for the coming week, more stressful things to ponder for the weeks after.

September, Sernando and Stam.

Oh how I love thee, September.

I remember when I posted:

and then September came.

September 1. I dreamed of SerNando. HAHA. I was shocked! It's a wonder dreaming about Sergio, but Sergio - myself - and Nando together? Epic!

It all started with Nando. He arrived at my place looking for a phone charger. I told him I have one but it's malfunctioning. Then my dream switched to the space outside my house. I was comforting Nando because he recently broke up with his GF, when some drunk football player was approaching. The drunkard was shouting names, and when he shouted Nando's name, I tried to stop Nando from approaching him (and in the process wrapping my arm around him, hahaha), then I heard the drunkard shout Sergio's name, and I was like "OMG, what is Sergio doing here? Why is he here when I am with Nando?!" I instantly looked at Sergio and our eyes met. Then he confronted the drunk man.

I told Nando to not interfere and I left him to stop Sergio. Sergio then was in front of the drunkard, and I tried to tell him to stop 'coz it's useless fighting that type of person, after some hesitation, he followed my advice, but when he was about to turn around, the crazy man attempted to punch him. Know what I did? I intervened between Sergio and the man, and I was punched at the left side of my face, man it hurts so much! What I did next was I run home and locked myself in my room. What I didn't know was that my brother saw what happened, and he told my parents all about it. My mom and dad asked me what happened. And I told them all about it and added, "Ma, Pa' it's alright, at least I got to help the love of my life, I got to be a hero in front of him". HAHAHA.

Noticed what's wrong with myself in my dream? I didn't even wait to see what Sergio's reaction would be after I was punched, I did not even allow myself to be thanked at. And I completely forgot Nando! hahaha. When I woke up, I touched my left cheek instinctively. LOL.


September 2

I learned that my crush in one of my classes is a football fan, and not only that, he supports Real Madrid. Okay, I kinda inferred all these conclusions based from my observation.

Two days before, I discovered his full name, his student number. Two days after I discovered his course and that he's a RM fan.

I may sound like a stalker but then he was late for our class. He passed by my side and at first I saw his bag, there was a Real word I read, and then I saw that it's from Adidas, and when I saw the bag fully, it is indeed Real Madrid.

I would have ignored it if his bag was La Furia Roja or some other country who played for FIFA, but then Real freakin' Madrid? Of all the bags he could buy, why that? It may be feasible if it was a merchandise from a team of the Premier League, but a team from La Liga? Wouldn't it signify that he watches football, maybe a big fan of it, he watches La Liga, and he supports Real Madrid and he knows Ronaldo, Kaka, Casillas, and even Sergio.

You might think I'm going gaga over a bag and it's no big deal, but for me it is. How many students from my university and even country, watches football? Moreover, how many of these pips who watches football, watches La Liga and support RM? See see seeeeeeeeeee? My crushing on him intensified ten-folds! LOLz. Plus his surname is LEE. If you know me, you'll have an idea how special the surname LEE is to me.

Last thing, if ever we become close (which will never happen), what will we talk about? Football! Isn't it weird? I'm sure I won't be able to stop talking about Sergio if ever that time comes.

So there you have it September, Sernando and Stam (his first name). SSS. Way to go! I hope I'm in for more surprises this September ;)

Home tutoring

(this will be an entry for my CRes 110 journal xD)

Yesterday, I was irked by the idea of having to tutor someone from Cavite when I was supposed to be working in Quezon City + the fact that I was supposed to help someone study in his/her college exam (gaahh, I forgot all those maths and sciences) and that it's Saturday (I haven't indicated that I'm available on Saturdays)

But, I am happy I did.

My mom accompanied me to the place (since she's scared that I'll get lost), and when we went there, we can't find the house. Can you imagine my temper back then? I woke up at 5:30, reviewed the previous night for the review materials (when I was supposed to be reviewing for my exams) and when I arrived at the place, the house was nonexistent, there were a lot of barking dogs and the temperature's irritating.

Fastforward. We found the house. My mom left, and I was alone with the mother of my tutee. At first I thought she was scary and the matapobre type, but then after some time, she turned out to be kalog and talkative, she even called me car, lol.

About my tutee, his name's Simon and he's such a good kid. He listens well, he's an enthusiastic learner, he calls me ma'am and he never gets bored studying. I told him that he's so unlike other students (who are too lazy to study), and his reply was "why would they don't want to learn?". Isn't he sweet? LOL.

We ate lunch together, and it was when Mon's mom talked a lot. She talked about a lot of things, and she's also a sweet lady, idk why, but she's easy to get along with, she's a Visayan, and she speaks in Visayan most of the times (she teased me that I should learn Bisaya). You know what? There's something about Visayan people that are endearing.

Before I left, his mom gave me two tupperwares of (derma) soap. HAHA. See?

Thinking back to my experience today, I am glad that I got to know Simon and his mom, and also that I was able to help Simon study (you should see his expression everytime he answered a problem which at first he thought is hard). I think times like these are one of the most rewarding experiences of being a tutor :)


This picture made my evening (source: kickette)

I may have to consider DL-ing all Brazil's matches during the 2010 worldcup. As in honestly, I'm that close to actually doing that. Kaka is one fine man. He is perfection :) and as my fail Italian knowledge would permit:
lui è molto perfetto ♥. perfezione = Kaka
I'm sure I'll learn more about this man in the weeks to come. And he may even rise higher in my top footballer's list ;)

My Dad, Swimming and Andrii

As I exited my room, my dad called me "Machay (my nickname), a swimming competition's on TV".

It's not that I'm a swimmer (I can't swim) but my family is aware of my Phelps addiction and everytime they see a swimmer they immediately think of me and Phelps, hahaha. How cute is that?

Just as I was channel surfing a few minutes back, I saw an awarding ceremony of the YOG (youth olympic games), and I saw him, Ukraine's Andrii Govorov, from whatI've read, he's 18 and he has won two gold medals in swimming, now now now, what have we got here? I'm hoping I'll see more of him in future competitions :D

My favorite football players

I felt the urge to post my favorite football players =) But first, please bear in mind that I'm a newbie fan, and my knowledge of players will only be limited to those who played in WC 2010 (mostly Spain NT players).

My preference is pretty much influenced by whether a player is married or not (hahahahahaha). Ranks #1 and #2 are important, as for the rest, the numbers don't matter that much since I'm still confused on who I like better.

1. Sergio Ramos. You shouldn't be surprised. He's El Ramos. No matter what happens, he'll forever be my number 1.

2.5 David Villa. If he isn't married yet, then it would have been better. Still fatherhood suits him best. There's something about David Villa that draws anyone to him, don't you agree?

2.5 Cesc Fabregas. Ever since I first saw him play in the WC, I was bothered. Bothered by his presence, I think I was curious and entranced. His name says it all.

4. Fernando Torres. Nando oh Nando. You're the reason why I discovered my love for football. Plus we share the same birthday so you'll always be special. And what's Sernando without Fernando?

5. Kaka. Though I haven't seen him play, still everytime I see him, I can't help but feel that he's one of the humblest and kindest person ever.

6. David Silva. There's this thing about him I can't explain.

7. Mesut Ozil. Don't even ask me why.

8. Jesus Navas. It's his eyes.

9. Alvaro Arbeloa. Thank goodness he's on twitter, or else I wouldn't discover how funny/amazing he is. HAHA. Everytime I see him, I can't help but smile :)

10. Joachim Loew. He's a coach I know, but I'm sure you've seen him in WC 2010.

There you have it my favorite football players as of the moment. You might be wondering how about the runner-ups?

Well here they are: Guti (too bad I never saw him play), Iker, Muller, Wesley Sneijder (anyone who saw him cry during the finals will feel his sorrow TT), Xabi, Puyi (ahaha, more of like a father figure for me, though he is single) and Ronaldo (it's a like-hate feeling i have of him)


I'm under stress right now, still I am doing nothing about it.

Reasons for my worries:

[ ] Exam on CRes 115 (readings that are about 200 pages long)
[ ] Survey Instrument for CRes 115 (thinking about it makes my head ache)
[ ] Comm 140 Report (I hate reporting, I hate public speaking + this report was over 1.5 months delayed)
[ ] CRes 125 RRL + Pics (arggghhh, the word RRL is enough to make anyone crazy)

These things above should be accomplished this coming week and idk where to start o.O

Additional worries:

[ ] Comm 140 as a subject (argghhh major stress, the subject with the most unreasonable requirements everrrrr~)
[ ] BC 100 report (report, report, report, and I don't even know where can I get the info to be reported on x.x)
[ ] CRes 110 report ('nuff said)
[ ] Tutorial Job (since it last 'til 8pm, I'm sure I'd be dead tired to even study for my exams the day after, but hey, why am I even complaining?)

First job experience

I had my first tutorial experience yesterday!

At first I was nervous because I was told that I'll be handling two kids (it's usually one-to-one) and when I asked my classmate/workmate, she told me that the kids (they're siblings) were okay but then they get bored easily. Way to boost my confidence huh? My boss also told me the same thing and that I should make sure that they wouldn't get bored easily and I should provide trivias (the kids love that) - and that was when I really panicked (internally, haha).

What happened after the 2 hour tut. period? I was happy and I felt that time flew so fast. All the time I was observing whether or not the kids were bored but luckily they weren't. And I think we all enjoyed the experience, I love teaching them Math, and I love seeing their expressions when they get the right answer (especially the younger one of the two). And we talked about a lot of things, anything under the sun, of course I was a tad nervous all throughout that time but as I get the hang of it, it felt nice.

Lyka (the younger sis) asked me, "Ate do you have self-confidence?" I asked her why ask that question (I thought she deemed me lacking of s-f), but then she replied that I do have a lot of self-confidence while teaching them, and that made me ultra glad ^.^ See, I was caught off guard :)

Another thing, a little girl (my workmate's tutoree) told me that I am pretty, she kept repeating that, even to her mom, hahahahahahaha. That made me smile like crazy, I never heard anyone told me that for the longest time.

Overall I'm happy with my job, still it's too early to conclude ;)

Music Playlist

Since I'm taking a break from reviewing Particle Physics (which I can't understand), I'll post the list of music I've been listening to whenever I have the time.

Beware, the list below proves how much of an oldie music lover I am (hahahahahahaha, not really as in old, old).
[arranged in a random order]

1. Ti Yan - F4/JKVK
2. I Lay My Love On You - Westlife
3. Do You Remember - Aaron Carter
4. Damn - Bellefire
5. Listen To Your Heart - DHT
6. Kiss Me - Sixpence none the Richer
7. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
8. Waiting For You - F4/ JKVK
9. Hajimari no Kaze - Hirahara Ayaka
10. If You Come Back - Blue
11. Cradle - Atomic Kitten
12. One Last Song - A1
13. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
14. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt - Atomic Kitten
15. Gypsy - Shakira
16. I'm All About You - Aaron Carter
17. It's The Way You Make Me Feel - Steps
18. Living The Dream - A1
19. All I Want Is Your Love - Inoj
20. Why Do I Love You - Weslife
21. Time After Time - Cindy Lauper
22. Penny and Me - Hanson
23. Say Something Anyway - Bellefire
24. One More Try - A1
25. The Last Goodbye - Atomic Kitten
26. Need to Be Next To You - Leigh Nash
27. Runaway - Krissy and Ericka
28. Dream Star - The Generous
29. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
30. The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten
31. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears
32. Girl In Your Dreams - M2M
33. True - Ryan Cabrera
34. I'll Never Get Over You - Bellefire
35. All The Love In The World - The Corrs
36. Perfect Bliss - Bellefire
37. Don't Love You No More - Craig David
38.Waka Waka - Shakira

Pretty long list right? Still, most of these songs are the ones I can listen to repeatedly, and though they're fairly old but still they're so good (as compared to today's music)

Part Time Job

Yesterday I applied for a part time job (tutor), and was accepted on the spot.

We (together with some of my classmates) took an exam (which I obviously failed), were asked to do a demo (I was assigned to teach GS Filipino, and honestly I can't remember any lessons), and were interviewed.

I'm okay with working but then I was a little hesitant 'coz it may interfere with my life (I don't want to stay until Saturday) and my acads (as if I'm studying, lmao), and we were given a six month contract, I guess my biggest worry is how will I manage during the semester break? I won't go to QC just because of that (+ I don't have a place to stay).

But then, I know I'll manage, and it's money we're talking about here, who'll complain? Just as my mom said "it's good for you to have a job, at least you'll be busy).

My first Sergio dream

Can you believe that?

I dreamed about Sergio last night, I would have forgotten about it if only I hadn't come across a page with Sergio Ramos' height on it.

What is it about?

Sergio was in the locker room with some of the players I think, and I was sort of at the door watching them (hahaha), then someone told Sergio to take his shoes off, then he did. After he did that, I approached him to compare our heights, and when I did, I was so disappointed, we have the same height! How disappointing was that? To make sure, I even asked him to turn around, so that we can carefully see our height difference but it was still the same.

What a crazy dream right? Of all the things I can dream of Sergio, why is it something about his height??? LOLz. He's a 6-footer, though I discovered that my younger brother is taller than him (my bro's 6'2 i think), so I do have an idea how tall Sergio is.

Survey (Personal)

Name:: Maricar/Machay
Birthdate:: March 20
Birth Place:: Cavite Philippines
Current Location:: bedroom
Eye Color:: dark brown
Hair Color:: black/brown, but I died it burgundy (but the color's a lil bit faint)
Height:: 5"4 1/2??
Weight:: I haven't weighed myself for years xD
Piercing:: ears
Tattoos:: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: none at the moment, lolz (i'm not searching for one though)
Overused Phrase:: "something"


Food:: mashed potato
Candy:: anything sour
Number:: 4 and 7
Color:: green, blue and orange
Animal:: none -.-
Drink:: red tea! and iced tea
Alcohol:: none (I'm allergic to it)
Bagel:: none
Letter:: M :)
Body Part on Opposite sex:: eyes and hair


Pepsi or Coke:: Coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:: McDonalds
Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:: Iced tea
Chocolate or Vanilla:: vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:: coffee
Kiss or Hug:: hug
Dog or Cat::: dog
Rap or Punk:: rap :)
Summer or Winter:: Winter, I'm fed up with summer, haha
Movies or Funny Movies:: both
Love or Money:: can i have both?


Bedtime:: when I'm at my dorm I usually sleep at around 11pm, when I'm at home it's about 12mn
Most Missed Memory:: grade school years :)
Best physical feature:: eyelashes, you should see it, yeehaa
First Thought Waking Up:: breakfast!
Goal for this year:: to save money!
Best Friend(s):: Joice :)
Weakness:: laziness
Fears:: spiders, public speaking, reporting
Heritage:: Filipino :)
Longest relationship:: 2.5 years?


Ever Drank:: yes
Ever Smoked:: no
Pot:: no
Ever been Drunk:: no, despite being allergic, i think I have a high alcohol tolerance
Ever been beaten up:: no
Ever beaten someone up:: no, i'm kind, lmao
Ever Shoplifted:: no
Ever Skinny Dipped:: no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:: haha, yes
Been Dumped Lately:: no


Favorite Eye Color:: gray, green and blue
Favorite Hair Color:: brown
Short or Long:: anything will do as long as it suits him (thinks of sergio)
Height:: he should be taller than me
Style:: anything will do (thinks of sergio's fashion sense, haha)
Looks or Personality:: personality
Hot or Cute:: Both :D
Drugs and Alcohol:: alcohol
Muscular or Really Skinny:: middle-ish
Who is the Guy or Girl you wish you were with Right Now? Sergio Ramos ^^


Number of Regrets in the Past:: a lot
What country/world do you want to Visit:: Spain, Europe, S.Korea, Japan, Neptune and Uranus and Jupiter
How do you want to Die:: in my sleep
Been to the Mall Lately:: yiiiss
Do you like Thunderstorms:: neutral
Get along with your Parents: Yes
Health Freak:: nah
Do you think you're Attractive:: idk, lol


Want to go to College:: I'm in college
Do you Smoke:: no!
Do you Drink:: rarely
Shower Daily:: yes
Been in Love:: before (if that was indeed love)
Do you Sing:: nooo
Want to get Married:: definitely
Do you want Children:: yes
Have your future kids names planned out?:: It depends on who I'm with, but yeah i do have names (michael and ian, or michael ian, or ian michael)
Hate someone:: no
If you're in Love, who is it?:: at the moment? Sergio's the closest. :DDD

Conversation with my Mom

I share the same bed with my mom, and as we were about to sleep yesterday, I told her

"I want to have my masters, but then I'll work for two years first"

Mom: That's good.

Me: I want to have my masters abroad. Not in Korea, nor in Asia. I want to do it in Europe.

Mom: *listens*

Me: Plus, I don't want to live in S. Korea anymore (in the future - my dream before), I want to live in Europe and find my husband there.

Mom: You already want to have a husband???!

Me: Not yet! but then I want my future children to be cute, so I think a mix between a European and a Filipina is a good one.

Mom: Where in Europe then? London? Ah, I think it's good in Spain.

Me: SPAIN?!!! YES, definitely Spain! I want to study and live there! How did you know that it's good in Spain?

Mom: A lot of our neighbors relatives are already living there.

Me: Really? How many??

Mom: *my mom enumerates all the people she knows

Me: OMG! Mama, I need some connections to go there! Seriously. Don't you know someone there???

HAHAHA. And our conversation continued, we talk about Spain, its language, Spain and Italy, London, jobs, and a whole lot more.

I think my mom is aware of my obsession with Spain since she suggested it herself, but I doubt if she knew of my addiction to Sergio (maybe she thought that it was Nando). A few weeks back, as I was posting an entry, she saw a picture of xabi, busquets (? I think) and Sergio, know what she said? "Is that Michael (Phelps)?" Haha. Apparently, my mom only knows of Michael. And every guy she sees is Michael. LMAO. Soon enough, she'll hear and see more of Sergio :D


The nicest comment that would make me really happy to hear is:

"Hey, you lose weight/You're thinner than before"

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