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Lady Crush

I would not be ashamed to tell you that Shakira is my lady crush. LOL. She's become my idol, I don't even know how it started.

She's almost perfect, for me that is. As I was telling my cousin, she could have all the guys in the world that she like with her beauty and talent. And I'm sure she's got a good heart ^____^

Plus, she's one of the luckiest person ever (or is it the other way around?)

Pique, Messi, and Nadal? Seriously? =P I wouldn't be surprised to see if in her next MV we'll see more sports icons ;)

Obsession. Football. Internet. Blog.

It took one subject to pinpoint how much of an addict I am. LOL.

Yesterday, during my computer class, we were talking about Internet's role in our lives.

We talk about the usual things and then our teacher ask us if certain characteristics applied to us.

Facebook. I think I'm an FBookworm TT. My blockmates think so too.
Blog. I keep lots of blogs. And each with a specific purpose (most of my bmates don't keep one).

Fandom and the internet. My teacher asked us who were fangirls, and my bmates immediately pointed me. What did I told them? My fandom and SHINHWA! and man was I proud >.<

Internet issues. I contributed a lot, and this just intensified people's view that I'm an internet addict.

Internet and media consumption. Answer: Kdramas, movies and FOOTBALL. Most of my classmates were amazed that I'm a football fan and as expected I told them of how MUCH I love football.

Sites, Tutorials. My teacher told us of this site:

this prompted me to ask if there was a Spanish tutorial in that site, and when I did, one of my friends told my teacher that I wanted (badly) to go to Spain and that I wanted to marry a Spaniard! Imagine that?

as for the site above, if you're interested to learn a language, do sign up, I think it's super helpful :)

Vamos a aprender español!


Sem's almost done. Not quite but still a lot of my worries ended within this week.

So hello, worry-free weekend, though I still have an exam in Chemistry but it's fine. At least I get to relax and do things that I was used to doing before all those academic related stuff (and tutorial job) got in the way xD.

I had a super hyper day yesterday, as in I was talking a lot (which is unusual), I don't care wth I'm saying, I participated a lot in class discussion, and I drank 3 cups of coffee, not to mention that I had 3 hours (?) worth of sleep. No wonder why.

And my Spain & Brazil lanyard arrived today, so if ever you see someone wearing a Spain FIFA lanyard, that will probably be me :P

New header and Özil.

Someday I'll be a pro in photoshop xD

So what's with the header? I was making a poster for one of my major subjects and I kinda get the hang of PS-ing which led to the creation of my present header.

I was thinking of putting Sergio and Cesc together as my header but it's too much for a noob like me.

Don't judge me by my header. I was looking through my Sergio pics, and I thought the one above suits the header best. LOL. And have you seen the quote? Lol. So ironic right? Where is the shirt Sergio?


On to other things, the ad for FIFA 11 came out recently,

Mesut Özil.

You have a way of capturing people's attention.

The part where in his name was shown glowing is super cool, don't you think? Plus, I read @ unamadridista's blog that his favorite drink is iced tea, now tell me, can I ever ignore this man? We can drink iced tea all day long, my treat! haha. And oh well, he can rap.

UNDP 8MDG & the La Roja boys

What's with you Spanish men? You're totally making me fall for you~~

In line with UN's 8 Millennium Development Goals, our boys appeared in this ad:

for the translation, you could go over at conlaroja.

NOW. I really love Sergio's voice (and he was featured longer than the others), I mean he has one of the most manly voices in the team (and perhaps even in Spain? lol), and I love his sincerity. Plus, he talked about the environment, Mr. Ramos, can I interview you for my group's research paper? <3>:)

As for Nando, I find his pose awkward? still he's as handsome as ever.

CESC! What will I do with you? You're getting hotter by the minute, but I was surprised about your voice, lol. Well it doesn't matter ;)

I personally like Capdevila and Pepe Reina's voice sexay! Special mention to DAVEEEED, stay gorgeous :)

CRes blockmates

Communication Research Block 8.5.

Call me emo but I think I'm glad I shifted to my current course (though research is like harakiri) and that I was able to meet my blockmates! LOL.


I dreamed of Nando. again. (part of this blog's purpose is to be an account of my dreams xD).

weird. it was short, nando and I were like groupmates in school (research groupmates), and we were about to have a group meeting but he did not showed up, so I called him, and he answered! My subconscious that time told me that I was lucky to have my call answered by him (he was like the school's heart throb), and do you know what? his voice is to die for, I mean it's really really really really manly and I felt my heart skip a beat while talking to him. He apologized to me because he had to go home (to his wife! wth, even in my dream?) and he'll make up for it. Basically that's what my dream's all about.

HAHA. I know it's simple but hearing his voice was so unforgettable. lol. So now it's two for Sergio, two for Fernando and one for Cristiano (that I'll reveal if I'm up to it).

And because we're in the topic of Nando, do you know that everytime I hear the song Alejandro, I always imagine Fernando, who wouldn't?

I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

When will I dream of Cesc? Speaking of Cesc/Cescy, everytime I see him tweet, I can't help but smile, 'coz I can't stop picturing his profile pic in my head. Cesc=Cecsy=Sexy.


On to other things, I recently discovered that most of the people who view my blog were searching about football. Can you imagine that? HAHAHAHAHA.

no more lazy bum.

Gone were the days when I can watch a drama, movie, or read a book every weekends (and school days). Hello college! Suddenly, I can feel your pressure onto me, why is it only now? (after 3.5 years of spending time together). TT

Kill me quick. Kill me now.

ARGGGGHHHHH. Too stressed out to think.

What will become of me for the weeks to come? Let alone this coming week?

Things that've been bugging me

[] Tutorial job - I have to go to Simon's place tom. and tutor him for 6 hours. Since 1 pm this afternoon I am trying to study about Chemistry because the materials that were given to me didn't contain answers. BLEH. Plus I have to think of Math questions worthy of a college entrance exam level. Screw math and science =D

[] Comm 140 report - this one's on tuesday, and as I always say, I hate reporting, I haven't even started with my slides

[] BC 100 report - on Wednesday, same as my problem in 140

[] CRes 115 data gathering - data collection for McDo/Jollibee consumers in QC. Target sample size = 384. Heaven bless our group.

[] CRes 115 - ttest for survey questionnaire, due tom. I'm planning on computing it manually (I don't trust computers)

[] CRes 125 - poster/pamphlet. The deadline was supposedly yesterday, but as I was attempting to save our work (we work in pairs), our PC died on us. Pathetic right?

[] Tutorial Job - every M,T,W from 5-7 pm. I'm not complaining.

And the things I wrote above are only the things I'm supposed to do for the coming week, more stressful things to ponder for the weeks after.

September, Sernando and Stam.

Oh how I love thee, September.

I remember when I posted:

and then September came.

September 1. I dreamed of SerNando. HAHA. I was shocked! It's a wonder dreaming about Sergio, but Sergio - myself - and Nando together? Epic!

It all started with Nando. He arrived at my place looking for a phone charger. I told him I have one but it's malfunctioning. Then my dream switched to the space outside my house. I was comforting Nando because he recently broke up with his GF, when some drunk football player was approaching. The drunkard was shouting names, and when he shouted Nando's name, I tried to stop Nando from approaching him (and in the process wrapping my arm around him, hahaha), then I heard the drunkard shout Sergio's name, and I was like "OMG, what is Sergio doing here? Why is he here when I am with Nando?!" I instantly looked at Sergio and our eyes met. Then he confronted the drunk man.

I told Nando to not interfere and I left him to stop Sergio. Sergio then was in front of the drunkard, and I tried to tell him to stop 'coz it's useless fighting that type of person, after some hesitation, he followed my advice, but when he was about to turn around, the crazy man attempted to punch him. Know what I did? I intervened between Sergio and the man, and I was punched at the left side of my face, man it hurts so much! What I did next was I run home and locked myself in my room. What I didn't know was that my brother saw what happened, and he told my parents all about it. My mom and dad asked me what happened. And I told them all about it and added, "Ma, Pa' it's alright, at least I got to help the love of my life, I got to be a hero in front of him". HAHAHA.

Noticed what's wrong with myself in my dream? I didn't even wait to see what Sergio's reaction would be after I was punched, I did not even allow myself to be thanked at. And I completely forgot Nando! hahaha. When I woke up, I touched my left cheek instinctively. LOL.


September 2

I learned that my crush in one of my classes is a football fan, and not only that, he supports Real Madrid. Okay, I kinda inferred all these conclusions based from my observation.

Two days before, I discovered his full name, his student number. Two days after I discovered his course and that he's a RM fan.

I may sound like a stalker but then he was late for our class. He passed by my side and at first I saw his bag, there was a Real word I read, and then I saw that it's from Adidas, and when I saw the bag fully, it is indeed Real Madrid.

I would have ignored it if his bag was La Furia Roja or some other country who played for FIFA, but then Real freakin' Madrid? Of all the bags he could buy, why that? It may be feasible if it was a merchandise from a team of the Premier League, but a team from La Liga? Wouldn't it signify that he watches football, maybe a big fan of it, he watches La Liga, and he supports Real Madrid and he knows Ronaldo, Kaka, Casillas, and even Sergio.

You might think I'm going gaga over a bag and it's no big deal, but for me it is. How many students from my university and even country, watches football? Moreover, how many of these pips who watches football, watches La Liga and support RM? See see seeeeeeeeeee? My crushing on him intensified ten-folds! LOLz. Plus his surname is LEE. If you know me, you'll have an idea how special the surname LEE is to me.

Last thing, if ever we become close (which will never happen), what will we talk about? Football! Isn't it weird? I'm sure I won't be able to stop talking about Sergio if ever that time comes.

So there you have it September, Sernando and Stam (his first name). SSS. Way to go! I hope I'm in for more surprises this September ;)

Home tutoring

(this will be an entry for my CRes 110 journal xD)

Yesterday, I was irked by the idea of having to tutor someone from Cavite when I was supposed to be working in Quezon City + the fact that I was supposed to help someone study in his/her college exam (gaahh, I forgot all those maths and sciences) and that it's Saturday (I haven't indicated that I'm available on Saturdays)

But, I am happy I did.

My mom accompanied me to the place (since she's scared that I'll get lost), and when we went there, we can't find the house. Can you imagine my temper back then? I woke up at 5:30, reviewed the previous night for the review materials (when I was supposed to be reviewing for my exams) and when I arrived at the place, the house was nonexistent, there were a lot of barking dogs and the temperature's irritating.

Fastforward. We found the house. My mom left, and I was alone with the mother of my tutee. At first I thought she was scary and the matapobre type, but then after some time, she turned out to be kalog and talkative, she even called me car, lol.

About my tutee, his name's Simon and he's such a good kid. He listens well, he's an enthusiastic learner, he calls me ma'am and he never gets bored studying. I told him that he's so unlike other students (who are too lazy to study), and his reply was "why would they don't want to learn?". Isn't he sweet? LOL.

We ate lunch together, and it was when Mon's mom talked a lot. She talked about a lot of things, and she's also a sweet lady, idk why, but she's easy to get along with, she's a Visayan, and she speaks in Visayan most of the times (she teased me that I should learn Bisaya). You know what? There's something about Visayan people that are endearing.

Before I left, his mom gave me two tupperwares of (derma) soap. HAHA. See?

Thinking back to my experience today, I am glad that I got to know Simon and his mom, and also that I was able to help Simon study (you should see his expression everytime he answered a problem which at first he thought is hard). I think times like these are one of the most rewarding experiences of being a tutor :)
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