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September, Sernando and Stam.

Oh how I love thee, September.

I remember when I posted:

and then September came.

September 1. I dreamed of SerNando. HAHA. I was shocked! It's a wonder dreaming about Sergio, but Sergio - myself - and Nando together? Epic!

It all started with Nando. He arrived at my place looking for a phone charger. I told him I have one but it's malfunctioning. Then my dream switched to the space outside my house. I was comforting Nando because he recently broke up with his GF, when some drunk football player was approaching. The drunkard was shouting names, and when he shouted Nando's name, I tried to stop Nando from approaching him (and in the process wrapping my arm around him, hahaha), then I heard the drunkard shout Sergio's name, and I was like "OMG, what is Sergio doing here? Why is he here when I am with Nando?!" I instantly looked at Sergio and our eyes met. Then he confronted the drunk man.

I told Nando to not interfere and I left him to stop Sergio. Sergio then was in front of the drunkard, and I tried to tell him to stop 'coz it's useless fighting that type of person, after some hesitation, he followed my advice, but when he was about to turn around, the crazy man attempted to punch him. Know what I did? I intervened between Sergio and the man, and I was punched at the left side of my face, man it hurts so much! What I did next was I run home and locked myself in my room. What I didn't know was that my brother saw what happened, and he told my parents all about it. My mom and dad asked me what happened. And I told them all about it and added, "Ma, Pa' it's alright, at least I got to help the love of my life, I got to be a hero in front of him". HAHAHA.

Noticed what's wrong with myself in my dream? I didn't even wait to see what Sergio's reaction would be after I was punched, I did not even allow myself to be thanked at. And I completely forgot Nando! hahaha. When I woke up, I touched my left cheek instinctively. LOL.


September 2

I learned that my crush in one of my classes is a football fan, and not only that, he supports Real Madrid. Okay, I kinda inferred all these conclusions based from my observation.

Two days before, I discovered his full name, his student number. Two days after I discovered his course and that he's a RM fan.

I may sound like a stalker but then he was late for our class. He passed by my side and at first I saw his bag, there was a Real word I read, and then I saw that it's from Adidas, and when I saw the bag fully, it is indeed Real Madrid.

I would have ignored it if his bag was La Furia Roja or some other country who played for FIFA, but then Real freakin' Madrid? Of all the bags he could buy, why that? It may be feasible if it was a merchandise from a team of the Premier League, but a team from La Liga? Wouldn't it signify that he watches football, maybe a big fan of it, he watches La Liga, and he supports Real Madrid and he knows Ronaldo, Kaka, Casillas, and even Sergio.

You might think I'm going gaga over a bag and it's no big deal, but for me it is. How many students from my university and even country, watches football? Moreover, how many of these pips who watches football, watches La Liga and support RM? See see seeeeeeeeeee? My crushing on him intensified ten-folds! LOLz. Plus his surname is LEE. If you know me, you'll have an idea how special the surname LEE is to me.

Last thing, if ever we become close (which will never happen), what will we talk about? Football! Isn't it weird? I'm sure I won't be able to stop talking about Sergio if ever that time comes.

So there you have it September, Sernando and Stam (his first name). SSS. Way to go! I hope I'm in for more surprises this September ;)

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