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I dreamed of Nando. again. (part of this blog's purpose is to be an account of my dreams xD).

weird. it was short, nando and I were like groupmates in school (research groupmates), and we were about to have a group meeting but he did not showed up, so I called him, and he answered! My subconscious that time told me that I was lucky to have my call answered by him (he was like the school's heart throb), and do you know what? his voice is to die for, I mean it's really really really really manly and I felt my heart skip a beat while talking to him. He apologized to me because he had to go home (to his wife! wth, even in my dream?) and he'll make up for it. Basically that's what my dream's all about.

HAHA. I know it's simple but hearing his voice was so unforgettable. lol. So now it's two for Sergio, two for Fernando and one for Cristiano (that I'll reveal if I'm up to it).

And because we're in the topic of Nando, do you know that everytime I hear the song Alejandro, I always imagine Fernando, who wouldn't?

I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

When will I dream of Cesc? Speaking of Cesc/Cescy, everytime I see him tweet, I can't help but smile, 'coz I can't stop picturing his profile pic in my head. Cesc=Cecsy=Sexy.


On to other things, I recently discovered that most of the people who view my blog were searching about football. Can you imagine that? HAHAHAHAHA.

no more lazy bum.

Gone were the days when I can watch a drama, movie, or read a book every weekends (and school days). Hello college! Suddenly, I can feel your pressure onto me, why is it only now? (after 3.5 years of spending time together). TT

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