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This is what dreams are made of

No, not the Lizzie McGuire song. jajajajaja.

For this blog's current topic, it will be all about dreams.

I find it fascinating that sometimes when I dream, it's all about things, places, etc that I have never encountered nor seen.

Take for example a recent dream I had. In it, I was explaining to someone a problem involving the internal organs. I was a surgeon, I think. What's puzzling was I was saying things that were too technical (and which I haven't heard of in real life).

Another is when I dream of Spaniard football players. There was one when I was talking to Nando in pure Spanish, I was so amazed at myself. Trivia: Nando's my most dreamed about football player, I think I've dreamed of him five times, as opposed to Sergio (twice).

And of course, who haven't dreamed of flying? I'm sure we all do. It's surreal, right?

What puzzles me most is how can I conjure up places in my dream that I have never seen in my life? Which leads me into thinking that perhaps we all have this hidden potential in us, we are all capable of greatness but then it remains untapped.

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