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Sergio Ramos ♥

First of all, pardon me for the post below (this will be an account of how I came to like Sergio Ramos). I'm doing this post because I do not want to forget how I first saw Ramos and what was my impression of him. Why? I think I'm becoming a huge fan :)


July 12, 2010.

I was supposed to leave my house at around 9 am because it takes 3 hours time to travel from my house to my dormitory (and I have to be there at 12 and also I have an exam by 2pm).

I was all geared up to leave but at the last moment I turned on the TV in hope of catching a glimpse of the news, so okay basically there wasn't any news that time, so I tried looking at all the channels, and I happened to see a replay of the Final's Match between Spain and the Netherlands.

An hour before that happened, I went online and saw that Spain had one, I never really watched football, and I don't like it because all they ever do was to kick around and scoring was difficult, I was not even interested in the World Cup even if a lot of my friends were crazy about it. When I checked on my FB wall, I noticed that a lof of my friends were including Torres on their status, so I then concluded that the guy must be hot.

Having that thought, I decided to watch a little bit of the game just to see how Torres looked. And the first one that caught my attention was this dude with the long hair and a headband - would you believe that? I was like "what a guy, ang ewan lang ng itsura"

Looking at his back, I thought he might be Torres 'coz he looked good (that was before I saw the headband), however after I saw his face, I said to myself that he is not Torres, I did not even find him handsome, or even cute at all, I find him irritating because the camera always focuses on him (and I was running out of time since my mom was asking me if I'll be leaving). And so because of that guy being frequently shown, I learned that he is Ramos.

And so the game went on, and still there was no sign of Torres, instead what I always saw was Ramos and his headband. The image was kinda growing of me but I ignored it because my only goal was to see Torres before I leave. My mom was getting impatient, asking me if I was leaving, and I told her a few more minutes, she knew about my wish to see Torres and was side commenting on Espanya's players. A few minutes later, I was getting into the game (the thought of seeing Torres being forgotten) but then I knew that I had to leave, and so I did.

Later that afternoon, I was contemplating on the match, and I learned two things: Football is one hell of a game and second: Ramos has made his impact on me.

Two days later, I surfed the net. And you know what I did first? I searched "Sergio Ramos", why? Because its the first name that came to mind (why wouldn't it? it was his name that I always saw during the game), next thing I did was to search for Fernando Torres (I borrowed all the newspapers that one of my roommates has the previous night so that I could familiarize myself with the players.

The thing is, I opened both Ramos and Torres's profiles, but I decided to see Torres' first (I thought that he should be first because I was worrying that people might see me opening Ramos' first). And what did I learn? Torres and I shares the same birthday!!! How awesome is that? It's like we're meant to be, however he's already married, so I decided right then and there to forget him (haha, how cruel).

Then there was Ramos. I opened his profile and at first there was nothing but still there's something (the feeling's weird), and his birthday's also close to mine.

As the days went by, I was starting to think of Ramos constantly, and then I don't know how it happened, but I learned that I already like him.

After seeing him play, the doubtful like transformed into genuine admiration. In any sport, I don't particularly notice defenders, but in case of S.Ramos, I can't ignore his defenses, he's good or great (as far as my noob football eyes are concerned). And from the articles of him I'd read, he's one of the most dedicated and nicest soccer stars around. Really, what more can anyone ask for??

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