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Bye Twilight.

Watched Breaking Dawn (BD) today and it was awesome. I personally think that BD 1 & 2 are the best films out of the franchise.

Breaking Dawn was so amazing I cried. I cried during the part in the meadow. The instant when I realized what Bella was doing and saw the realization hit Edward, the tears fell. It continued when the flashbacks were shown. My heart ached when all the casts from the first movie up to the last were shown (the opening credits was equally as beautiful). However, more than that, I cried because the Twilight series was such an important part of my life, my college life to be exact.

The Twilight films were the only films that I have watched religiously in cinemas (not even Harry Potter sadly). Watching the films was the only time where me and my high school friends got to reunite. We would always look forward to November (ahhh the memories).

I am so happy on how the movie series grew. I have to admit that I hated the cast (not a fan of Rob Pat) initially but what can I do? As I watched the series, they kinda grew on me.

You know what's painful? The amount of haters the Twilight series have. And majority of these haters (I think) only came when the first movie came, when it became mainstream.

I have read Twilight even before the movie, even before it became mainstream. According to a review I made on multiply, I finished it on March 5, 2008. Not a lot, okay let me rephrase that, not many Filipinos knew it back then, I would be surprised if even three hundred people were aware of it.

I loved Twilight (the book). I remember reading it in a jeepney and smiling like crazy. I remember walking to my class holding the book and someone asking me the title of the book because the cover was amazing. I remember falling in love with Edward. Up to this date, that cafeteria meeting is still fresh on my mind.

Twilight was the best book in the series, the next four books paled in comparison. The first book was just magical. And honestly, I think it is a pity that people got to read Twilight after the movie came, after Edward was immortalized as RobPat, in my opinion people would probably enjoy Twilight more if they were not yet influenced by the movie or by the amount of hate people were throwing at the books. These haters destroyed the books, it was really a pity :(

Anyway, can I just say that I was more emotional watching Breaking Dawn part 2 than I did Harry Potter 7.5? Emotional = me crying. And I love so many characters! Emmett and Garett particularly! And Taylor Lautner *swoons*. I never did like Jacob in the books but Taylor made me appreciate Jacob more ;)

That twist near the end is one of the best parts in the movie. I remember asking for exactly that scene (sans the deaths) when I was reading Breaking Dawn, it was a good thing Stephenie Meyer is a producer :)

I feel like saying goodbye to Twilight is akin to me saying goodbye to my college life. I was introduced to the series my freshman year, and the last movie ended with me finally graduating in college :)

Farewell Twilight~

Son of a Gun

I remember someone telling me or me reading somewhere that every action that we do is already premeditated by Him. Or rather there is this inexplicable connection between one's self and his environment, the things that a person does are always connected (one way or another) with his immediate surroundings (I can't really get the point straight, please forgive me).

Some call it coincidence but I discarded the idea of coincidences a long time ago. Let's just say that there is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason, there is this invisible thread connecting each and everyone of us (there I think that was my point above).

Have you ever experienced encountering something (be it a thing, a name, a person, a word) more than once throughout the day? And by doing so, it was somehow embedded in your mind?

Well my word was this: GUN

warning: this is pretty boring, haha. read at your own risk. and sorry for the grammatical errors, I typed it straight away, too lazy to proofread.

Case 1. Guns N' Roses.

Yesterday I watched Guns N' Roses' concert in Japan (1992). A thing about me, everytime I watch, read or listen to something, my mind goes into overdrive. A part of me is focused on what I am doing, but my brain is constantly thinking about other things. As I was watching, I thought about how Slash (GNR's ex-lead guitarist) mentioned that one reason why he left GNR was because Axl Rose wanted to claim the band's name as his own. So I did a quick run-through of GNR's background and learned that Axl Rose and Izzy formed GNR, and that their previous band's name was Hollywood Rose (or something to that effect). Apparently, GNR's name is inadvertently connected with Axl. So I did get the Rose part, but I was wondering where the Gun came from. I did not ponder on it that much because well you know how artists' minds go (they're pretty poetic, right?).

Case 2. Bon Jovi

Same day. Yesterday, I was listening to Bon Jovi's albums all-afternoon long. I've noticed how a few of their song titles had the name "gun" in them. I instantly remember one song that GNR performed in their concert, the one about Civil wars (?), I was beginning to think how these rock bands' songs included themes of violence, fighting and war. It was also amazing how close the time gap (both their songs were I think written between 1987-1992) between GNR and BJ's songs were (the songs about guns and wars). I started to wonder if that was a turbulent time (and props to the bands for singing about that period).

Case 3. The Bronze Horseman.

The Bronze Horseman is a book by Paullina Simons about two lovers caught in a war in Russia. You know wars right? They involve guns, death and the like. I was reading that book for over a week and I was able to finish it yesterday. In fact, I was listening to Bon Jovi as I was reading the last few chapters of the book and I thought, how fitting is my song background. I am reading about Germany and Russia's fighting while Bon Jovi is screaming guns over my earphones.

Actually, even before Case 1 and Case 2 happened, I was a bit interested with guns because of TBH. Alexander (the protagonist) was a high-ranking official in the Red Army and everytime he mentioned the weapons that he used, I was imagining them (which prompted me to search for them yesterday)

Case 4. When you think about something, the less chance you will dream about it.

I am sure you notice how when you think about someone constantly (i.e. your crushes) and wish for that someone to invade our dreams, he never comes. I was  thinking of how I might dream about wars (because no matter how much I tried to not think about it, it always plagued me) and how I don't want to dream about it. And so I sleep.

BY NOW, if you are still reading this, I am telling you that it is not about me dreaming about guns, it would not bother me if that was the case because that would be easier to explain (and I would not give any meaning to it).

Case 5. Gun shots.

I slept late yesterday. At about 3:40 am I was awakened by the sound of gunshots. What surprised me was how close it seemed, it was just outside our house (I'm pretty certain). My father said he heard seven shots (my memory remembered five). Five or seven, it did not matter. I heard n consecutive shots being fired above. After the last bullet was fired, I heard the recoiling of the gun (or the magazine? I don't know, am not knowledgeable about guns)! It was that close I tell you. The weird thing was, I was not scared.

Anyway, I won't bore you with what happened next. My point is how weird was that? Me thinking about guns and gunshots being fired close by? Which leads me to my point above.

I would like to think that our mind is indeed powerful. That there are still a lot of mysteries about our minds that science can never explain. It's a bit scary, more scary than hearing gun shots.

Rock stars? bring them on!

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So after reading, obsessing and drooling about rock stars in books, I decided to search about them.
Fact #1. I am not a fan of music.
Fact #2. The only music I appreciate is pop (or love songs, I don’t even know if it is the right term)
Hypothesis #1. So if you combine facts 1 & 2 it will amount to saying that there will never be a chance that I will be a fan of rock or that I know something about rock.
Fact #3. I am slowly learning about them rock bands!
Before the only rock band I knew of were Linkin Park, Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi. By knowing, it meant I know them through names only (and a few of their songs). Now, I know that Matchbox 20 is a rock band, as well as Queen! HAHAHA.
Okay. If ever you have read a book about rock stars you will probably know that they are portrayed as: hot, gorgeous, players, talented, bad asses, covered with tats, into groupies, and the likes. From the limited pictures of rock stars that I saw, I can not even remember anyone who closely resembled any of the images projected in books (honestly all I can think of is Adam Levine and Maroon 5 is not that much of a hard rock band right?!). So I did a little digging of my own and well, well, well, I discovered some pretty hot rock stars! LOL
To help you girls with your imagination and to prove that rock star sex gods do actually exist, here they are (and btw, they are not all from rock bands, I just have to include them)
In no particular order:

1. Richie Sambora (lead guitarist, Bon Jovi)

2. Jon Bon Jovi (lead singer, Bon Jovi)

3. Gavin Rossdale (lead singer, Bush) – Gwen Stefani’s beau

4. David Cassidy

5. Robin Zander (lead singer, Cheap Trick)

6. Tom Keifer (vocalist, Cinderella) – i dunno if he’s really hot :P

7. John Taylor (bass guitarist, Duran Duran) – yummm.

8. Brent Muscat (guitarist, Faster Pussycat) – I don’t even know why I included him! :D

9. Axl Rose (vocalist, Guns N’ Roses) – I don’t care how bad the rumors are about his personality/attitude but waddahell, during his prime he is one of the hottest rock stars out there! And he was so pretty when he was young.

10. Kurt Cobain (lead singer, Nirvana) – Kurt, oh dear Kurt. I love you. I was four when you left this world, wasn’t that unfortunate? Tell me, am I right that Tiffanie de Bartolo patterned Paul’s character after him in How to Kill a Rockstar? The pancreas bit, weird clothing, the diary/voice journal, and Kurt’s demise (the title of the book)? If it is so, I think HtKaRs is a new favorite of mine.
How I wish someone was there to give light to Kurt during the darkest point of his life.

11. Phil Lewis (vocalist, L.A. Guns)

12. Robert Plant (vocalist, Led Zeppelin)

13. Jimmy Page (guitarist, Led Zeppelin)

14. Eddie Vedder (lead singer, Pearl Jam)

15. Nick Huxom (vocalist, 311)

There you have it! Honestly, I have not heard any song of most of the bands included here, I only included them primarily due to their looks and rock star appeal (though that is about to change since I am DL-ing some of these bands’ live tours).
Notice that most of the pictures were of the men on their early years? Well, everyone gets old. I wish I was there during the golden age of rock :)
I will definitely include “watching a live rock tour” in my bucket list!
Perhaps I’ll make a separate post on my top five favorite rock stars? But for now they will be:
Kurt, John, Axl, Eddie and Richie.
p.s. the pictures used in this post does not belong to me, I found them on google. Credits to the people who own them.

"Katatakutan" time with my family.

As we arrived from the cemetery yesterday night, my clan gathered together in one of my aunt's house (eating food and talking).

One of my cousins who has a third eye was narrating how she felt a presence in one of my aunt's room an hour or two back. She heard a panaghoy (?), followed by the passing of a shadow in the room. Thinking that it was my cousins playing a prank with her, she exited the room. However, as soon as she stepped out of the room, she heard two consecutive panaghoy/ungol and the passing of a shadow yet again. She tried to ask my tito outside if my cousins were already home but my tito told her no. Then it hit her, she (with here lil son who was sleeping) was the only one in the house at that time (since we were all in the cemetery), she suddenly had goosebumps and she instantly woke up her son and rush outside.

Anyway, it was not her first time seeing/feeling these things and what happened was not the main point of this post.

So my mom, bro and I went home. I sleep with my mom and last night, we did not feel sleepy yet so we talk (like for two hours). At around 1:30, we were still talking:

Me: Hindi nga, hindi ka natatakot maupo dun sa likod bahay (ng tita ko)?
Mom: Hindi, bakit ako matatakot? minsan nga magisa lang akong nakaupo dun ng umaga, pag mainit, pag hapon para magpahinga.
Me: Weeeeeehhhhhh? Eh diba kinuwento mo nung bata ka pa, nakakakita ka ng bakang ginto na walang ulo tapos biglang....



(kung pwede lang yapusin nanay ko ginawa ko na)

Brother: *Biglang pasok, upo sa kama, sabay tawa* Mga 'to

Mom: Tong batang to, minsan makagulat eh!

Me: (to mom) Akala ko ba hindi ka matatakutin?

LOOOOOOOL. I would not forget this moment ever! HAHAHAHA

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