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To make peace or not.

Sibling misunderstandings. My not-so-younger-than-me brother (Oyo Boy) and I frequently have one.

The latest episode was last night. He asked me to come to him, and when I did, he showed me that he had a cake. I asked him to give me some but he only taunted me more, hiding it, etc.

I told my mom about it and my mother asked him to give me some, he agreed but on one condition: he'll be the one to feed me a portion. Being a matakaw, I refused.

I got the chance to have two small bites and he snatched it away, telling (and yelling) me that I was unfair, etc. At that point, I was so angry that I walked out on him and I told him that I would never ever again give him anything.

I promised myself that I would not talk to him. Honestly. That was a delicious cake! T_______T HAHAHA. It's childish I know but whatever.

A few minutes back, my cousin bought popcorns (the traditional one). The thing is, I am unsure if I can cook it right, my mom would have done it but then she needed to go somewhere, which led me to my next resort: my brother. He likes to cook (and is way better than me) but I just vowed last night that I won't talk to him. So what should I do now? Should I just swallow my pride. I WON'T!

LMAO. This is just so us. My brother and I fighting over food.

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