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Conversation with my Mom

I share the same bed with my mom, and as we were about to sleep yesterday, I told her

"I want to have my masters, but then I'll work for two years first"

Mom: That's good.

Me: I want to have my masters abroad. Not in Korea, nor in Asia. I want to do it in Europe.

Mom: *listens*

Me: Plus, I don't want to live in S. Korea anymore (in the future - my dream before), I want to live in Europe and find my husband there.

Mom: You already want to have a husband???!

Me: Not yet! but then I want my future children to be cute, so I think a mix between a European and a Filipina is a good one.

Mom: Where in Europe then? London? Ah, I think it's good in Spain.

Me: SPAIN?!!! YES, definitely Spain! I want to study and live there! How did you know that it's good in Spain?

Mom: A lot of our neighbors relatives are already living there.

Me: Really? How many??

Mom: *my mom enumerates all the people she knows

Me: OMG! Mama, I need some connections to go there! Seriously. Don't you know someone there???

HAHAHA. And our conversation continued, we talk about Spain, its language, Spain and Italy, London, jobs, and a whole lot more.

I think my mom is aware of my obsession with Spain since she suggested it herself, but I doubt if she knew of my addiction to Sergio (maybe she thought that it was Nando). A few weeks back, as I was posting an entry, she saw a picture of xabi, busquets (? I think) and Sergio, know what she said? "Is that Michael (Phelps)?" Haha. Apparently, my mom only knows of Michael. And every guy she sees is Michael. LMAO. Soon enough, she'll hear and see more of Sergio :D

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