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My first Sergio dream

Can you believe that?

I dreamed about Sergio last night, I would have forgotten about it if only I hadn't come across a page with Sergio Ramos' height on it.

What is it about?

Sergio was in the locker room with some of the players I think, and I was sort of at the door watching them (hahaha), then someone told Sergio to take his shoes off, then he did. After he did that, I approached him to compare our heights, and when I did, I was so disappointed, we have the same height! How disappointing was that? To make sure, I even asked him to turn around, so that we can carefully see our height difference but it was still the same.

What a crazy dream right? Of all the things I can dream of Sergio, why is it something about his height??? LOLz. He's a 6-footer, though I discovered that my younger brother is taller than him (my bro's 6'2 i think), so I do have an idea how tall Sergio is.

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