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Obsession. Football. Internet. Blog.

It took one subject to pinpoint how much of an addict I am. LOL.

Yesterday, during my computer class, we were talking about Internet's role in our lives.

We talk about the usual things and then our teacher ask us if certain characteristics applied to us.

Facebook. I think I'm an FBookworm TT. My blockmates think so too.
Blog. I keep lots of blogs. And each with a specific purpose (most of my bmates don't keep one).

Fandom and the internet. My teacher asked us who were fangirls, and my bmates immediately pointed me. What did I told them? My fandom and SHINHWA! and man was I proud >.<

Internet issues. I contributed a lot, and this just intensified people's view that I'm an internet addict.

Internet and media consumption. Answer: Kdramas, movies and FOOTBALL. Most of my classmates were amazed that I'm a football fan and as expected I told them of how MUCH I love football.

Sites, Tutorials. My teacher told us of this site:

this prompted me to ask if there was a Spanish tutorial in that site, and when I did, one of my friends told my teacher that I wanted (badly) to go to Spain and that I wanted to marry a Spaniard! Imagine that?

as for the site above, if you're interested to learn a language, do sign up, I think it's super helpful :)

Vamos a aprender español!

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