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Kill me quick. Kill me now.

ARGGGGHHHHH. Too stressed out to think.

What will become of me for the weeks to come? Let alone this coming week?

Things that've been bugging me

[] Tutorial job - I have to go to Simon's place tom. and tutor him for 6 hours. Since 1 pm this afternoon I am trying to study about Chemistry because the materials that were given to me didn't contain answers. BLEH. Plus I have to think of Math questions worthy of a college entrance exam level. Screw math and science =D

[] Comm 140 report - this one's on tuesday, and as I always say, I hate reporting, I haven't even started with my slides

[] BC 100 report - on Wednesday, same as my problem in 140

[] CRes 115 data gathering - data collection for McDo/Jollibee consumers in QC. Target sample size = 384. Heaven bless our group.

[] CRes 115 - ttest for survey questionnaire, due tom. I'm planning on computing it manually (I don't trust computers)

[] CRes 125 - poster/pamphlet. The deadline was supposedly yesterday, but as I was attempting to save our work (we work in pairs), our PC died on us. Pathetic right?

[] Tutorial Job - every M,T,W from 5-7 pm. I'm not complaining.

And the things I wrote above are only the things I'm supposed to do for the coming week, more stressful things to ponder for the weeks after.

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