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First job experience

I had my first tutorial experience yesterday!

At first I was nervous because I was told that I'll be handling two kids (it's usually one-to-one) and when I asked my classmate/workmate, she told me that the kids (they're siblings) were okay but then they get bored easily. Way to boost my confidence huh? My boss also told me the same thing and that I should make sure that they wouldn't get bored easily and I should provide trivias (the kids love that) - and that was when I really panicked (internally, haha).

What happened after the 2 hour tut. period? I was happy and I felt that time flew so fast. All the time I was observing whether or not the kids were bored but luckily they weren't. And I think we all enjoyed the experience, I love teaching them Math, and I love seeing their expressions when they get the right answer (especially the younger one of the two). And we talked about a lot of things, anything under the sun, of course I was a tad nervous all throughout that time but as I get the hang of it, it felt nice.

Lyka (the younger sis) asked me, "Ate do you have self-confidence?" I asked her why ask that question (I thought she deemed me lacking of s-f), but then she replied that I do have a lot of self-confidence while teaching them, and that made me ultra glad ^.^ See, I was caught off guard :)

Another thing, a little girl (my workmate's tutoree) told me that I am pretty, she kept repeating that, even to her mom, hahahahahahaha. That made me smile like crazy, I never heard anyone told me that for the longest time.

Overall I'm happy with my job, still it's too early to conclude ;)

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