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Hablo español

Span 10 would have to be my favorite subject ever in my college life (aside from Psych 101). No it's not about my prof, classmates, etc (I'm a loner, yeah). It's about the subject :D If you truly love a subject, you need not worry about studying it.

Hablo Español. I wish that by the end of this semester, I can speak and understand a bit of Spanish ^.^ Definitely one step closer to my Spanish dream =P

Speaking of Span 10, during our class last Thursday (second meeting this sem), when I was about to sit in my seat, I noticed there was someone occupying my place, what I did was I sat on the seat beside him (a seat apart), and after a sideway glance, I learned that he's a Spaniard (the boyfriend, I think of one of my classmates).

HAHA. You can guess what popped to my mind that time "balang araw, magkaka boyfriend (and hopefully hubby) din ako na Spaniard!" Look at what the crazy world of football has done to me :))

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