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2010 in retrospect

I am yet again faced with the challenge of reviewing my experiences for this year (not really a challenge, since it has become a ritual of mine xD).

Being the homebody or dormbody person that I am, there's not much of a thrill that happened to me this year. As what my cousin promptly told me "You need to have a life! Do not always be in front of your laptop, or your books, or football". To which I replied, "I'm completely happy and contented with my life."
I guess, for people like me, contentment comes in a different way.

Moving on, let me bring you what constituted an amazing #2010 for me (in random order):

* I got a job - YAY. Getting a job = sign of maturity & sign of me putting laziness behind. Though, I sure have lots of complain regarding my part-time job, that's nothing to what I experienced and also, who would complain about getting paid (being underpaid is better than nothing, 'di ba?)? Plus I got to meet the sweetest and most adorable tutee :)

* Comm Res blockmates - if before, we were not close, come first semester of this year, everthing changed ^_^.

* RM 214 - super crazy but fun roommates. I never expected that we'll be as bonded as we are now. Uber glad to have them as my roomies ♥

* books - Judith McNaught and Martha Cecilia's, specifically. 'nuff said ^_____________^

* friends and family - through thick and thin, I'm glad I have you all throughout this year, though sometimes I tend to sit down and reflect on why I don't have that many friends (emo), but having you (you know who you are) by my side is more than enough :) And I was also fortunate enough to discover a few who, I'm sure we'll forever be a part of my life.

and last, but definitely not the least,

* FOOTBALL - it has taken my world by storm. As in literally. You should have seen this coming :) If you're aware of my addiction for a thing, nothing can surpass that of football (kpop and asian dramas can be an equal, I guess)

Greatful for that one fateful July day, I discovered La Furia Roja

and that's only the beginning of my football craze. LOL.

It has led me to buy jerseys/kits, lanyards, keychains, etc. And to download games. If before, what I DL were dramas, movies, now it's football games. I tell you, being a Pinoy football fan is costly, since it is hard to find merchs here, plus, there are but a few fans I know. And, it's the reason why I took a Spanish class. Mucho loco, bien?

However, due to the popularity of the Azkals, football is starting to pique the interest of the Pinoys :) Hopefully, in a few years time, football will be a big sport here, just like anywhere in the planet.

Just remember, it's football, not soccer (jajaja, at first I used soccer too).

That's it. My 2010 ^^

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