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Albay-Sorsogon Trip part 2 (Itinerary and Expenses)

At this point, I am too lazy to write a proper introduction and to edit my itinerary draft. Let's hope that someday I'll be motivated to edit this out.


Bicol Day 1
Arrival at Legazpi Airport (between 9:30-10am)
Taxi to Balai Tinay
Lunch at Biggs
Kawa Kawa Shrine (ride a jeep bound to Ligao)
Cagsawa Ruins (from Ligao, ride a jeep bound to Legazpi and tell the driver to drop you off at the ruins, ride a trike)
Daraga Church (we hire a trike for P120 to take us from the ruins)
Embarcadero de Legazpi

Bicol Day 2 (Have left our hostel at around 7am)
Lignon Hill
Drive to Sorsogon
Island Hopping in Matnog (Joag and little Subic)
Irosin Hilltop Church                 
Bulusan National Park
Barcelona Ruins
Drive back to Legazpi
Pasalubong shopping at Satellite Market
Dessert at Small Talk

Bicol Day 3
Daraga Church
Bye bye

Alternate Day 2
If you want to see all that Albay has to offer, you can drop the Sorsogon adventure and just tour the rest of Albay. Actually, I have an itinerary prepared for that but we decided to go with Sorsogon (I encourage you to drop Sorsogon off your list if you are on a tight schedule, lol).

Lignon hill (Japanese Tunnel/Albay Wildlife)
Hoyop-hoyopan Cave
Busay Falls
Black sand beach of Bacacay (Cagraray Island hopping)
Mayon Sky Line

ATV adventure (I will come back because of this)


Late Post: Albay-Sorsogon Trip part 1

First trip of 2015 and i'm slowly realizing how fun it is to travel. First stop for this year were the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon.

This trip isn't my first time in the Bicol region. My dad is from Daet, Camarines Norte (though only he speaks Bicolano) and we went there when I was five (or seven).

The decision to go to Albay was quite funny/childish and interesting. The primary reason was because of Daniel and Kathryn's movie, She's Dating the Gangster. Prior to watching the film, KathNiel wasn't even on my radar, however the film happened and now I am a fan. If ever you haven't watched the movie yet, about half of the movie (more or less) was shot in Albay. After seeing the almost CG-like beauty of Mt. Mayon through the film, my friend and i decided that we would go there. Aside from that, I pride myself at being a Philippine history lover (a product of being a history contestant all throughout my school days), and you all know how historic the Bicol region is.

It was in August when we booked tickets through Cebu Pac's Piso fare and at that time, Albay would've been my first out of town trip* with friends (using my own hard earned money).

Our trip (with my three officemates) happened last Jan. 23-25 and it was a DIY one. The thing is, I think I'm that person who is 'obsessed' with planning trips and the like. Probably because at the back of my mind, I was focused on starting my own travel blog, lol. There's this joy in organizing an itinerary and seeing it come to fruition although lots of stress could fall on you while doing so.

For this trip, I will be providing you with details about our Bicol adventure (itinerary, expenses, tips, etc) because I have first hand experience on how hard it was to plan and budget the trip and I would love to help everyone who is experiencing the same dilemma.

Before proceeding with the specifics, can I just say how I fell in love with Albay? Although we weren't able to experience all that Albay has to offer, I really enjoyed our stay there. Seeing Mt. Mayon in all its glory was memorable. One can't help but fall in love with her, she's truly breath-taking (hey, now that i think about it, that line perfectly fits Athena's famoso line, prolly the reason why they chose Albay). I loved our Sorsogon side-trip too :)

*first out of town trip was in the Ilocos region last December (too bad I was soooo lazy to do a blog post about it)
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