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A Mesut Özil Appreciation Post

Just because I want to.

For the past few days, Ozi, Bambi, Nemo or whatever name you want to call him has been constantly occupying my mind and heart. This day alone, I have been looking for anything Mesut. Can you imagine that? LOL.

The first time I saw Özil was during Germany NT's game against Spain NT (it wasn't even live, just DL-ed the game). I was a noob back then and was obviously rooting for La Roja but he caught my eyes, or rather his eyes caught my eyes. I can't even properly distinguish a good footballer, basically all I ever did was to ogle at the hotness that La Roja was and to cheer every time they scored. And after the WC, while I involved myself with everything La Roja, the thought of Ozil remained (it was not prominent but still it lingered).

Came his transfer to Real Madrid. Not really into club football that time, but I chanced upon seeing a pic of him holding a RM jersey, and I was like "WHOA. That was the German guy from the WC". And I think from lingering at the outskirts of my mind, he inched closer to my faves. When I was about to buy a RM jersey, I was hoping to buy Ramos' but it was not available. Only CRon, Kaka and Ozil's were.

Marianne bought Kaka's and I bought Ozil's. Though I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to have Ramos's kit, I'm more than happy that I got Ozil's. Seriously. Mesut is undeniably my favorite football player now (oopppps, Cesc's just been replaced). And seeing the praises, testimonials, and love that people have for Ozil made me love him even more.
Now that I know a bit more about football, I tell you, Mesut is a brilliant player (the game against Racing de Santander proved it). He's still young (22) and given a few more years, he'll be one of the best :) Being in a country that you don't even know the language and playing for a team there without even understanding your teammates (Mou said that at first he did not know how to communicate with Ozi since no one spoke German, except for Sami) but still playing impressively is quite a feat right? Plus he's down to earth. That's Ozi for you.

There ya go. A pretty long post isn't it? I have to write this all up or I'd go crazy (I can't spazz to anyone since my friends aren't into football).

On the other hand, Bambi, please please please think about the girls you'll date. I am glad that you and Anna Maria broke up (I can't think of any good adjectives to describe that girl) and that the 'thing' with that Venezuelan woman didn't happen (just concerned =P).

and finally

Buena suerte a los blancos en del Champion's League contra Barcelona! (there goes my beginner Spanish). I hope you'll play all throughout the game, it's really different when you're on the field.

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