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Up's gotta be one of the most heartwarming (if not the most) animated films I have seen.

Within the first 15 minutes, I was literally bawling off. The story about Carl and his wife was so bitterly sweet and sad :( At first, I thought the kid shown was supposed to be the "kid" but then I was mistaken, and the part between Elli and Carl will touch anyone's heart. I hope children will reflect on the reality about old people TT.

I'm just glad that Carl met Russell, at least he became happy even if he's old.

The thing with UP is though it has this "sad" aura (well for me), you'll find yourself laughing all throughout the film. It's a little crazy, I know.

This movie is for everyone, I think everyone should see this, despite the age, it will surely leave a mark. Everytime I see Ellie and Carl, or whenever I see the old Carl alone, I can't help but cry (until now).

Super Fantasies

All of us have our own fantasies.
When I was young, I want to be a scientist, then I want to become an astronomer.

When I became a little bit mature, I dreamed of becoming a surgeon.
I started as an engineering student then shifted to mass communication. See the irony? I never became what I wanted. Still if given the chance, courage and resources, I would still want to be a surgeon, or an astronomer.

I just finished watching Fantastic Four 2, and through wiki, I learned that Reed Richards is included in the top ten smartest comic characters (I think he ranked first).

I have a thing for smart people. Aren't they awesome? I wish I can be a super smart person, I think all of us has thought of that once right?

Also included in the list are Bruce Wayne and Tony Spark.

I'm not a fan of Batman, and honestly I only recently saw Dark Knight, but I instantly fell inlove with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), isn't Bruce appealing? I mean he's rich, he's handsome, he's smart, and most of all he's Batman.

Then there's Tony Spark. I watched Iron Man last summer, and it became one of my favorite movies, and Robert Downey Jr, one of my favorite actors.

As my friend said (referring to the three characters mentioned): "they are brainiacs and filthy rich...and the missing addend there would be my husband"

Talk about fantasies.

a blog is a blog

Just how many blogs do I own?

5? 10? I lost count. But seriously, why am I still having this blog?

I want to have a blog about my thoughts, a blog where I can freely express myself without having to think of the reaction of others.

I was contemplating on whether it should be wordpress or blogger, but eventually blogger won (since I already have 2 wordpress blogs). I have my tumblr account (and before this, it served as my personal blog), but the thing is, I think tumblr isn't designed to be a blog containing long posts and personal ramblings, as for multiply and livejournal, it sort of have this friend lists (there are people there who may not want to know my crazy side), and well it's a tad difficult to blog freely, knowing that they'll read it somehow (if you know what I mean).

And so blogger came into the picture.

From now on, this will be "my blog". LOLz
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