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Such a sad, sad day it is

I was telling my mother about what happened to Mari eonni over at breakfast, and while I was doing that, my tears started to fall down, my mom asked me why would I cry over someone who I haven't met yet, and I told her, "kahit na, mabait talaga siya, probably you'll never understand the connection we have (in general)".

After reading all the dedications at her FB wall, the post dedicated to her over at absolutshinhwa and shinbiz, the tears would automatically fall.

And when I opened my laptop this morning, I found out that her baby joined her in heaven (RIP Baby Alex). How cruel life is. I couldn't imagine what I'll be doing more if I happen to knew her personally.

As for the other depressing news: football.

Arsenal lost. Liverpool lost. Nando is injured. Cesc is injured. Navas is injured.

I wished we have a cable subscription. I'd be happy if ESPN would be the only channel in our TV, I even asked my mom how much would the monthly fee be (I'm willing to pay for it), but then again, I live in a dorm, and I stay only for two days in our house, it would be such a waste of money, I have yet to discover a site where I can stream live games (if you know a place, please tell me)

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