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My father and his charice addiction

I just have to blog this.

Recently, I learned about how my father's a fan of Charice.

My mother ranted on how my father always watches Charice's videos on YT every night (I'm not even exaggerating). Then my mom said that she doesn't like Charice. My father on the other hand boasts of Charice whenever he got the chance (he was telling me of Charice's performance in Italy, America, etc. and how good she is).

A little while back,I heard my father lecturing some of my cousins and neighbors. The kids were singing something in the tune of Pyramid. My father immediately retaliated with:

"Why are you doing that? She's our kababayan, it's okay if you're doing it to Bieber's song (who's not our kababayan), but not with Charice's."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My father's really funny. You should see how he is when it comes to my brother =P

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