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Welcome back leader nim ♥

To Shinhwa's adorkable leader-nim, Eric oppa, welcome back!

I'm almost tearing up T____T. A few years more and we'll see Shinhwa again. That I can't wait.

Shinhwa's the reason why I love the color Orange so much =)


I'm too lazy to do anything.

Too lazy to watch, too lazy to read, all I wanna do is to stare and to think. I've been doing that for the past few days, talk about an unproductive sembreak.

On the bright side, I'm writing a fan fic, and finally I have the guts to publish it online (will not tell where 'coz I'm too embarrassed).


Terrified. Such an amazing song. I think I've fallen in love with the song, and with Zachary (Chuck). Truth is, my FF's entitled Terrified.

Ocean's 11, 12, & 13

Just because it's Cesc's favorite movie (O11) : )

Should I then try Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl? (nu-uh)

hope my dls will finish in time :D


On the other hand, it gets pretty tiring when you keep on refreshing CRS to see that only 2/6 of your grades are posted :|


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM! Even though I seldom say that I love you but deep in my heart I'll always do =)


I'm sorry sore eyes, kung ako ay nasaktan mo~~~

Blogging from my room, where I am being detained by my eyes. Soreeeey Eyes Day 4.

And it's supposed to be my sembreak already (aside from my CRes 125 final requirement).

Sembreak's supposed to be fun. I could finish all the series that I want, I can watch TV anytime, I can surf the net all day long, and I can read books, but apparently, I haven't done any of those (aside from watching some episodes of Chuck).

Oh, sore eyes, is this my punishment for treating my eyes poorly?

Please heal soon. I still have to start on my paper due Tuesday. BOOHOO


I can't believe I'm feeling down after watching my first ever football game live (via streaming).
Liverpool lost, and though it was the first time I saw Liverpool play, my heart goes with them (I have yet to see Arsenal play).

Depressing as it may seem, watching a game live made my heart beat so fast. I never knew I could love football any more.

What more if it's El Clasico? I think I'll die =P

Sergio R. & I

What will happen if I marry Sergio? How will our baby look like?

haha. Isn't the pic lovely? I tell you, I tried morphing Cesc and my picture together (using diff. pics), but the results were sickening, wahahahaha.

Stop Right Now

Thank you very much, I need somebody....

A lot has happened this week, but I'll cover it in my next post(s).

While I was searching for videos in YT, I suddenly felt that I needed to see SG's 2 Become 1, which lead to me seeing, Victoria and David's interview

aren't they a cute couple? No matter what the rumors surrounding David's extra marital affairs are, I still believe that he loves Victoria, they're so meant for each other.

When we were young, my cousins and I frequently listened to Spice Girls' song, we used to imitate them, and since I was one of the youngest, my older cousins always chose who they wanted to be, and so I became Posh Spice. At first , I wasn't happy, but I got used to it. Which made me think, if Victoria married David, isn't it possible for me to marry a baller? HAHAHA. Pardon my thoughts, it's just that I have these weird imaginations. We can never tell. LMAO.

I can imagine Victoria telling me "Stop Right NOW!!!!"

My father and his charice addiction

I just have to blog this.

Recently, I learned about how my father's a fan of Charice.

My mother ranted on how my father always watches Charice's videos on YT every night (I'm not even exaggerating). Then my mom said that she doesn't like Charice. My father on the other hand boasts of Charice whenever he got the chance (he was telling me of Charice's performance in Italy, America, etc. and how good she is).

A little while back,I heard my father lecturing some of my cousins and neighbors. The kids were singing something in the tune of Pyramid. My father immediately retaliated with:

"Why are you doing that? She's our kababayan, it's okay if you're doing it to Bieber's song (who's not our kababayan), but not with Charice's."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My father's really funny. You should see how he is when it comes to my brother =P

Such a sad, sad day it is

I was telling my mother about what happened to Mari eonni over at breakfast, and while I was doing that, my tears started to fall down, my mom asked me why would I cry over someone who I haven't met yet, and I told her, "kahit na, mabait talaga siya, probably you'll never understand the connection we have (in general)".

After reading all the dedications at her FB wall, the post dedicated to her over at absolutshinhwa and shinbiz, the tears would automatically fall.

And when I opened my laptop this morning, I found out that her baby joined her in heaven (RIP Baby Alex). How cruel life is. I couldn't imagine what I'll be doing more if I happen to knew her personally.

As for the other depressing news: football.

Arsenal lost. Liverpool lost. Nando is injured. Cesc is injured. Navas is injured.

I wished we have a cable subscription. I'd be happy if ESPN would be the only channel in our TV, I even asked my mom how much would the monthly fee be (I'm willing to pay for it), but then again, I live in a dorm, and I stay only for two days in our house, it would be such a waste of money, I have yet to discover a site where I can stream live games (if you know a place, please tell me)

RIP Mari unnie.

I'm still in shock. As in super shock (and crying).

I saw a stat on my FB homepage implying about the death of Mari unnie.

Though I haven't met Mari unnie but still we've had our little chat and messages online. For those who do not know, Mari unnie introduced me to ShinhwaPH. If I'm not mistaken she's the woman behind Shinhwa PH.

She's been so kind, as in. And she's still young, what made me sadder was that she's pregnant (aoth the baby's fighting for her life, let's pray for her).

Unni, wherever you are, I hope you'll be happy. I'll be praying for you and your family and also for your baby.
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