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(this will be an entry for my CRes 110 journal xD)

Yesterday, I was irked by the idea of having to tutor someone from Cavite when I was supposed to be working in Quezon City + the fact that I was supposed to help someone study in his/her college exam (gaahh, I forgot all those maths and sciences) and that it's Saturday (I haven't indicated that I'm available on Saturdays)

But, I am happy I did.

My mom accompanied me to the place (since she's scared that I'll get lost), and when we went there, we can't find the house. Can you imagine my temper back then? I woke up at 5:30, reviewed the previous night for the review materials (when I was supposed to be reviewing for my exams) and when I arrived at the place, the house was nonexistent, there were a lot of barking dogs and the temperature's irritating.

Fastforward. We found the house. My mom left, and I was alone with the mother of my tutee. At first I thought she was scary and the matapobre type, but then after some time, she turned out to be kalog and talkative, she even called me car, lol.

About my tutee, his name's Simon and he's such a good kid. He listens well, he's an enthusiastic learner, he calls me ma'am and he never gets bored studying. I told him that he's so unlike other students (who are too lazy to study), and his reply was "why would they don't want to learn?". Isn't he sweet? LOL.

We ate lunch together, and it was when Mon's mom talked a lot. She talked about a lot of things, and she's also a sweet lady, idk why, but she's easy to get along with, she's a Visayan, and she speaks in Visayan most of the times (she teased me that I should learn Bisaya). You know what? There's something about Visayan people that are endearing.

Before I left, his mom gave me two tupperwares of (derma) soap. HAHA. See?

Thinking back to my experience today, I am glad that I got to know Simon and his mom, and also that I was able to help Simon study (you should see his expression everytime he answered a problem which at first he thought is hard). I think times like these are one of the most rewarding experiences of being a tutor :)

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