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Survey (Personal)

Name:: Maricar/Machay
Birthdate:: March 20
Birth Place:: Cavite Philippines
Current Location:: bedroom
Eye Color:: dark brown
Hair Color:: black/brown, but I died it burgundy (but the color's a lil bit faint)
Height:: 5"4 1/2??
Weight:: I haven't weighed myself for years xD
Piercing:: ears
Tattoos:: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: none at the moment, lolz (i'm not searching for one though)
Overused Phrase:: "something"


Food:: mashed potato
Candy:: anything sour
Number:: 4 and 7
Color:: green, blue and orange
Animal:: none -.-
Drink:: red tea! and iced tea
Alcohol:: none (I'm allergic to it)
Bagel:: none
Letter:: M :)
Body Part on Opposite sex:: eyes and hair


Pepsi or Coke:: Coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:: McDonalds
Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:: Iced tea
Chocolate or Vanilla:: vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:: coffee
Kiss or Hug:: hug
Dog or Cat::: dog
Rap or Punk:: rap :)
Summer or Winter:: Winter, I'm fed up with summer, haha
Movies or Funny Movies:: both
Love or Money:: can i have both?


Bedtime:: when I'm at my dorm I usually sleep at around 11pm, when I'm at home it's about 12mn
Most Missed Memory:: grade school years :)
Best physical feature:: eyelashes, you should see it, yeehaa
First Thought Waking Up:: breakfast!
Goal for this year:: to save money!
Best Friend(s):: Joice :)
Weakness:: laziness
Fears:: spiders, public speaking, reporting
Heritage:: Filipino :)
Longest relationship:: 2.5 years?


Ever Drank:: yes
Ever Smoked:: no
Pot:: no
Ever been Drunk:: no, despite being allergic, i think I have a high alcohol tolerance
Ever been beaten up:: no
Ever beaten someone up:: no, i'm kind, lmao
Ever Shoplifted:: no
Ever Skinny Dipped:: no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:: haha, yes
Been Dumped Lately:: no


Favorite Eye Color:: gray, green and blue
Favorite Hair Color:: brown
Short or Long:: anything will do as long as it suits him (thinks of sergio)
Height:: he should be taller than me
Style:: anything will do (thinks of sergio's fashion sense, haha)
Looks or Personality:: personality
Hot or Cute:: Both :D
Drugs and Alcohol:: alcohol
Muscular or Really Skinny:: middle-ish
Who is the Guy or Girl you wish you were with Right Now? Sergio Ramos ^^


Number of Regrets in the Past:: a lot
What country/world do you want to Visit:: Spain, Europe, S.Korea, Japan, Neptune and Uranus and Jupiter
How do you want to Die:: in my sleep
Been to the Mall Lately:: yiiiss
Do you like Thunderstorms:: neutral
Get along with your Parents: Yes
Health Freak:: nah
Do you think you're Attractive:: idk, lol


Want to go to College:: I'm in college
Do you Smoke:: no!
Do you Drink:: rarely
Shower Daily:: yes
Been in Love:: before (if that was indeed love)
Do you Sing:: nooo
Want to get Married:: definitely
Do you want Children:: yes
Have your future kids names planned out?:: It depends on who I'm with, but yeah i do have names (michael and ian, or michael ian, or ian michael)
Hate someone:: no
If you're in Love, who is it?:: at the moment? Sergio's the closest. :DDD

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