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Some random caller

As I was reading an ebook (from my phone) last night (at around midnight), I was shocked to see someone calling.

What was more surprising was the number flashing on my screen:


My thought: WADDAEFFF??? Why is my own number calling me?????!!! For a minute, I was honestly baffled (I thought my mind was playing tricks on me).

After I finally understood that it wasn't my number (the last digit was different), my mom asked me "why aren't you answering?". Against my better judgment, I pressed the answer button. The conversation went on like this:

Me: Hello? Sino 'to?!
Other line: Ahm, si Mark po.
Me: Sino ulit?
Other line: Si Mark po.
Me: Ahhh, okay. Teka lang ah...

And then I ended the call.

Mom: Sino daw?
Me: Mark daw.
Mom: Eh bakit mo binaba?
Me: Eh loko-loko lang yun eh. Boses tambay (sorry for being judgmental)
Mom: Kaw, malay mo si Mark Bautista yun
Me: ........
Mom: O kaya si Mark Herras (pasensya, kapuso Nanay ko)
Me ...
Mom: Sana kinausap mo, malay mo si Mark na kapitbahay natin o si Mark ... si Mark ...
Ako: *poker faced*

And then I burst out laughing (my mom did the same too). REALLY, sometimes conversations with my mom are so crazy! HAHAHA

Ever since

Shinhwa came back, my life became:

I only have a 1.5 week vacation (right after my semester ended) before my summer internship starts. My plans for my short break:

1. Watch at least one series (Drunken To Love You, The Rose, Me Too Flower or Shut Up Flower Boyband)
2. Read manga (I have dl-ed quite a number of series, TBH)
3. Read at least two books
4. Watched all the football games that I DL-ed for the last two months

Five days after my sem ended and look at what I have 'accomplished' so far

1. Managed to watch the first four episodes of The King 2 Hearts.

Despite that, I still consider those five days very precious, all throughout that period, I was feeling like this:

LOL. I have dedicated all my waking hours to Shinhwa. As much as I want to do other things, I can not even last 10 minutes without coming back to Shinhwa (like right now, I was supposed to be reading a book, but I became nostalgic and I rewatched old SW performances instead). When I was supposed to be doing something 'productive', I found myself blogging, PS-ing, and daydreaming.

Even what I am DL-ing are all Shinhwa related. Seriously. The last time I became like this was when I first discovered them. That was unforgettable. And I think what I am going through right now is even worse than what I experienced three years ago.

I just can't stop thinking about them. Truth is, I am trying hard to restrain myself from tweeting about Shinhwa every other minute and spamming my Wordpress blog with posts about them! =D You could not just imagine what is going on my head at this very moment.

I'm writing this post to lessen my craziness (lol). I would like to express a portion of what I am feeling, I am sure most Shinhwa Changjos are feeling the same way >:)

I leave you with this heart-warming video (so meaningful, especially the opening part):

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