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Thoughts on El Clásico

I can't wait! I've been waiting for this match ever since I started loving Spain's NT. I remember what I said months ago: "I'll be fine on whichever team wins since I love them both"

However, after being exposed to the world of football, I take back what I said. LMAO. I know it's La Roja over any other team, but La Roja vs. La Roja? I'll side on the team that Sergio's in :) It's still Sergio above all the others. jajajaja. And for that #halamadrid!

My take on El Clásico: I honestly don't know.

I've never watched any El Clásico games before, nor did I watched any Barca games. And perhaps you'll stone me to death when I tell you that so far, I've only seen one Real Madrid game *hides in the corner*. It's not what you're thinking! LOL. I am updated with anything that's happening to RM, it's because I know that they're unbeatable so I'm quite at ease xD.

Another confession: I think I'm a fan of the Premier League than La Liga (for now).

Moving on, I do hope that Real Madrid wins. Their last win over Barca was in 2008, and I guess it's time to break that spell. Why? Well, because I'm watching? jajajajajaja. JK.

Barca's got the best players in the world (duh, Messi, Xavi, Villa, etc), no doubt about that. But RM also got fine players (SERGIO! Higuain! lol) and the best keeper at that (yay, San Iker!). And I think having Ozil will definitely make a difference (go go go go Mesut!).



A few days back, I thought that it will be shown tomorrow at dawn (I even prepare to wake up early for that), but it will be shown either tomorrow evening or at dawn on Tuesday (PH Time).

BOO. It definitely s*cks to live in a dorm. The connection won't permit me + I have a full day sched ahead of me on Tuesday (and a quiz TT).

So I vowed to myself that I won't spoil myself. I won't open my twitter, fb, ymail, or any site concerning football until I get to DL and watch the match on Friday.

But, it will always be Real Madrid for me. Sana magdilang anghel ako.


So I was wrong. They did lose. And a terrible one for that. I told myself that I won't be spoiled, but as I was DL-ing the match, I accidentally saw the result, at first I was reluctant to believe it, but as I was watching the game, I knew that it was useless to hope.

The thing is, Barcelona did great, I commend them for that. They were the better team, and for that congratulations :)

Thoughts: Mou shouldn't have subbed Mesut out, lol. Like for real, he could had done something to change the outcome of the game.

And I never knew Higuain wouldn't be able to play, that may also be a factor.

And the drama. Really. Seeing the "fights" that ensue was more exciting than the game itself. CRon and Pep, and the "RAMOS" explosion towards the end. Oh Sergio. That was heartbreaking to watch :|

Overall, despite the outcome, it was an unforgettable El Clasico for me. Definitely an unforgettable first =D

This is what dreams are made of

No, not the Lizzie McGuire song. jajajajaja.

For this blog's current topic, it will be all about dreams.

I find it fascinating that sometimes when I dream, it's all about things, places, etc that I have never encountered nor seen.

Take for example a recent dream I had. In it, I was explaining to someone a problem involving the internal organs. I was a surgeon, I think. What's puzzling was I was saying things that were too technical (and which I haven't heard of in real life).

Another is when I dream of Spaniard football players. There was one when I was talking to Nando in pure Spanish, I was so amazed at myself. Trivia: Nando's my most dreamed about football player, I think I've dreamed of him five times, as opposed to Sergio (twice).

And of course, who haven't dreamed of flying? I'm sure we all do. It's surreal, right?

What puzzles me most is how can I conjure up places in my dream that I have never seen in my life? Which leads me into thinking that perhaps we all have this hidden potential in us, we are all capable of greatness but then it remains untapped.

Harry Potter

a post dedicated to HP (obviously).

So I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Thursday, and I personally believed that it was the best HP film ever (gotta wait for the 2nd part).

What I did was I rewatched HP 1-6 this weekend with my cousin (who has never read the books nor watched the movies) and while doing so, a lot of memories resurfaced (emo alert).
I first watched the film before I read any of the books. I remember back when I was still in grade 5 (I think), my dad rented a film. He told me to watch it because he heard that it's good. And so I did, from what I can recall, I enjoyed the film but then I was a bit clueless about what was happening (I was still young), I didn't even know that it was based from a book xD

Then I was in grade 6. I was away from school, competing in an editorial contest somewhere in Quezon province. We stayed there for I think three days? We slept at a class room, there was no radio, no TV, nothing. Thankfully, one of my classmates brought a book: HP and the Chamber of Secrets, it was then that I first read the book (out of boredom), and the rest is as you know it.
Since I'm in he mood for reminiscing, let me tell you my HP films experience

The Sorcerer's Stone & Chamber of Secrets - rented a copy of the movie.
Prisoner of Azkaban - bought a pirated copy and *regretted it.
Goblet of Fire - I think I rented a copy.
Order of the Phoenix - I was a college freshie then (lived in a dormitory), and can you believe that I watched it all by myself in a cinema? HAHAHAHA. Me = the eternal loner.
Half-Blood Prince - watched it in a movie house with Joanna :)
Deathly Hallows
- with roommates ;)

*Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book out of the series, and you could just imagine my remorse after watching the movie (pirated copy). PoA remains as my least favorite HP movie (at some point CoS is my least fav.), ohhh the irony.

I solemnly swear that I will cry at HP 7.2. When Dobby died, I cried (or teared up) a lot, same as when Sirius died. I just hate farewells :(

One of my friend tagged me a photo in FB.

Alder's supposed to be my wand ;)

Alder (Fearn)

March 18 - April 14

Sculpted in resin and measures 17.5 inches.

"The Alder Wand features a skeletal torso under the head of a serpent. Alder wood is said to protect against drowning, shield against death curses, ill omens, destructive emotions, and cultivate visions of the inner and outer worlds, bridging above and below."

Hablo español

Span 10 would have to be my favorite subject ever in my college life (aside from Psych 101). No it's not about my prof, classmates, etc (I'm a loner, yeah). It's about the subject :D If you truly love a subject, you need not worry about studying it.

Hablo Español. I wish that by the end of this semester, I can speak and understand a bit of Spanish ^.^ Definitely one step closer to my Spanish dream =P

Speaking of Span 10, during our class last Thursday (second meeting this sem), when I was about to sit in my seat, I noticed there was someone occupying my place, what I did was I sat on the seat beside him (a seat apart), and after a sideway glance, I learned that he's a Spaniard (the boyfriend, I think of one of my classmates).

HAHA. You can guess what popped to my mind that time "balang araw, magkaka boyfriend (and hopefully hubby) din ako na Spaniard!" Look at what the crazy world of football has done to me :))

TV no more

I used to pride myself as someone who watches series, dramas, etc. as if it matters the world to me, but now it's different.

I'm a huge Asian drama fan, and I have all the popular ones DL-ed but for the past couple of months, I lost interest. I have yet to watch (and finish) Cinderella's Sister, Playful Kiss, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Liar Game, Water Boys II, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck however the thought of watching these (even one) is not appealing at the moment (okay, except Chuck and Grey's). I have all these series DL-ed (gahhh, imagine the time and disk space I wasted) but sadly, I don't have the heart to see them.

So what's the fuss? I discovered that Mary Stayed Out All Night's first two episodes were UL-ed with subs and I know I must DL it =P I just hope Jang Geun Seok could bring back the fire in me. And actually, I am currently thinking of basing my research topic on Television consumption, so that figures ^^

If there's one show that's getting me hook, it's the Vampire Diaries

I've read the books a few years back, and when I learned that they're making a series based from it, I felt nothing =D. Then when I looked at who's portraying Stefan, I decided that I'm not going to watch it (I know it's bad of me). More than a year after the first season aired, I finally caved in. I'm so glad I did. Though I can't remember what happened in the books (a weakness of mine) but I absolutely like the series :) Would not elaborate more ('coz I'll be making a review in my other blog) but I prefer Stefan over Damon, jajajajaja.


Been feeling down lately.

Know the feeling when you just want to sit down and reflect on everything? But then reflecting only gives you more worries? And when you try to do things to distract yourself, you can't seem to put your heart into it?

YEAH. That's what I'm experiencing. Can't even pinpoint the main source of this depression. There's just too many.

My life's gotta have some direction *sigh*


I thought blogging my feelings down would ease my feelings :( And it appears that I'm not the only one feeling depressed x.x


I was in the mood to make gifs this morning (first ever attempt), and these are the results :)

Photos came from our room's semender last October. Pardon my vanity (hey, this is my blog so I can do all that I want :D)

Fernando Ramos.

No. You're mistaken, I'm not taking about THE Fernando Ramos (I know you wish I did)

As I was searching for possible subjects this coming semester, I asked my classmates on which Span 10 professor to take. There were a lot of suggestions, but one of my blockmates made this astonishing suggestion:

Take Sir Ramos's class. At the mention of the surname Ramos, I became giddy.

Then she told me that Sir Ramos is a pure Spaniard (blue-eyed too?), but the problem was, he's not teaching Span 10&11 anymore ('coz he wants to teach the class in straight Spanish). Out of curiosity, I asked his full name.

FERNANDO RAMOS. I even repeated the question twice, and she had this straight face on (she's not a fan of football).

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear after I'm done with Span 10&11, I'll pursue higher Span (even if it's not required). :)


Sabi ng tatay ko naniniwala siya sa mga kaluluwa.

Para sa'kin totoo din sila, yun nga lang hindi pa ko nakakaexperience na makaramdam.

Pero naisip ko lang, kung nakikita ba nila tayo, ano kaya yung naiisip nila? I mean, alam pa rin kaya nila yung nangyayari? May access ba sila sa thoughts natin? How would they know na iniisip natin sila? Or is it possible na yung mga puso natin yung nakakaramdam ng lahat?

Are they happy? May magagawa kaya sila para maguide tayo sa buhay? Andami ko talagang tanong. I'll never know the answer, but someday I'm sure I will :)
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