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Fernando Ramos.

No. You're mistaken, I'm not taking about THE Fernando Ramos (I know you wish I did)

As I was searching for possible subjects this coming semester, I asked my classmates on which Span 10 professor to take. There were a lot of suggestions, but one of my blockmates made this astonishing suggestion:

Take Sir Ramos's class. At the mention of the surname Ramos, I became giddy.

Then she told me that Sir Ramos is a pure Spaniard (blue-eyed too?), but the problem was, he's not teaching Span 10&11 anymore ('coz he wants to teach the class in straight Spanish). Out of curiosity, I asked his full name.

FERNANDO RAMOS. I even repeated the question twice, and she had this straight face on (she's not a fan of football).

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear after I'm done with Span 10&11, I'll pursue higher Span (even if it's not required). :)

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