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Philippine Azkals (thoughts, ramblings)

We have truly gone a long way. Though we lost on both the home and away leg against Kuwait, I am still proud of the Azkals.

Kuwait is miles ahead of us in terms of football but we still managed to keep up with them (somehow). We have improved a lot since that away game and there were moments in the recently concluded game that almost changed the outcome of this leg.

As a fan, gusto ko lang sana ishare yung thoughts (and frustrations) ko about the home game. Pero keep in mind na saloobin ko lang 'to and alam ko naman na mahirap talagang talunin ang Kuwait at kulang pa tayo sa experience.

* There was this part sa game na nagkagoosebumps ako kasi kitang-kita mo na na buong puso talagang naglalaro yung Azkals.

* We had so many chances, so many attempts sa pag score ng goal, too bad hindi nagconvert. I think isa sa mga problems natin ang offense, idk, pero everytime na mapunta na sa side ng Kuwait goalie yung ball, parang medyo napepredict ko na na one way or another, maiintercept agad ng Al Azraq yung bola, kulang kasi tayo sa support, tapos minsan may miscommunication pa dun sa nasa front line. May kinalaman ba 'to sa formation?

* We should practice on long passes/crosses, Kuwait is so good with this.

* I was disappointed with Weiss (sa away game pa lang). Palagi na lang siyang nagsusubstitute ng players mga 5-10 minutes before the game ends. Okay lang nung away leg, pero sa home?

Bigla ko tuloy naalala yung game ng Barcelona against Real Madrid (Champions League). RM lost at home, tapos nung nasa away game na, the commentator guy said na, "given the position they were in (it's either RMA will lose or win) okay lang na magexperiment si Mou, na he should try to bring the substitutes in (to create an offensive attack), kasi nga if your players are not performing well (and perhaps hindi nila day yun), better to change your tactics 'di ba? Wala na naman kasing mawawala. Malay mo magwork. Kung matatalo na lang din kayo, mas okay na na you exhaust your resources and alternatives (I don't think I'm making sense here)

* Speaking of which, hindi day ni Phil and Angel ngayon. Lalo na si Angel, ibang-iba yung laro niya ngayon as opposed to the first leg. Don't get me wrong ah, pinakafavorite player ko si Angel sa Azkals as of now, pero siguro the fatigue settled in.

* Stephan Schrock for me is the best player of the game. Not just because of that goal he made (which was fantastic!) pero he was doing so well sa midfield na nakakawow talaga :)

* So imagine-in na lang natin na kung naglaro lang si Schrock nung away game (na kung saan sobrang active ni Guirado), malaki sigurong difference ano?

* Pero nakakatuwa talaga yung improvement ng Azkals, as in, mafefeel mo talaga na kabado yung Kuwait, especially nung lamang na tayo ng isa tapos palaging nasa atin yung possession, lalo na nung naredcard na yung isang player nila.

* The moment na naging 10 man team na lang ang Kuwait, nagkapag-asa ako. AS IN SOBRA. Kasi napakalaking advantage nun for the Azkals, tapos we were ahead with a goal pa. But then, minutes after nun, bigla na lang nakagoal yung kalaban T____T Sa point pa lang na yun, medyo alam ko na na it would be difficult to survive that one.

AYAN. I finally let go of my thoughts. Sana walang naoffend, ito lang talaga yung thoughts ko, and I know I'm not that knowledgeable sa football (I don't play the sport) pero from a fan's perspective, yun yung saloobin ko. STILL, I would like to reiterate na I am so damn proud of the boys. As in. Mahirap naman kasi talagang maaccomplish yung World Cup Brazil eh (given our circumstances). Pero I'm sure sa World Cup Russia, we have a greater chance of making it.

Lastly, that's the way football is, minsan natatalo, minsan nananalo. It's everybody's game. I tell you, my heart had been broken a lot of times from seeing my favorite teams lose. Sobrang hinahate ko na nga yung mga nakalaban nila eh. LOL

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Fan Vid

I made this a month ago (a few days before school started). Only UL-ed it now because of our poor net connection at home (dorm's ULing capacity is 1000x better, I'm not even kidding).

Sorry for the video quality (some parts are pixelated, idk why) and for the lack of creativity (I'm tooooo lazy to study Vegas tuts :D)

Chapter 3: Harry Potter (part 1)

PS. Forgive my grammar =)

The day I discovered Harry Potter:

I can still remember the time (it was 3pm-ish) and the place (in our old living room). When we (Oyo and I) were young, my father loved to rent VHS/VCD every weekend. That fateful Sunday, he brought with him a copy of the Sorcerer's Stone, telling us that the clerk recommended that
film to him (saying that children will love it).

True enough, I was captivated. I can not forget the Quidditch scene! and Harry's first ever ride aboard the Hogwart's Express (the chocolate frog!). BTW, I never knew that it was based from a book (series) or that more movies will come after it xD

Then sometime between Dec 4-6 (we were in a contest in Lucena), my friend/classmate lent me her copy of the Chamber of Secrets. I was so surprised that time (refer to the paragraph above).

It was then the start of an experience that will last until who knows when.

Pic above is just my entry describing the first movie :)

Two more entries. BTW, our Grade 6 yearbook was never released. T______T Due to admin issues, a lot of students (including me) transferred to another school and I think it (old school) was their way of retaliating.

More entries. These were more of my HP memorabilia/stuff.

I still have that bookmark from my friend.

My HP pillow is still with me. It is my most treasured possession (LOL). I carry it wherever I go (where sleeping is required). It has accompanied me in Batangas (retreat), Rizal (contest), Tagaytay (family trip) and I use it in our dorm :D

Up until now, the disappearance of my mug remains a mystery. Though I suspect a member of my family accidentally dropped it. HAHA.

Chapter 2: Movies and Books

What do you think are the contents of these notepads?

Years back, I had this hobby (?) to write the description of every movie and book that I read (from the cover). It was not enough that I just wrote it, the letters/penmanship should be the same (well almost).

Here are more pics:

The same goes for books:

I was such an addict before xD This was when computer (and of course the Internet) was not yet a household item (it was too expensive).

Chapter 1: Grade 6 days

On Chard Gutierrez, Chestnut, Trigger, A1, etc.

Scanning through my Grade 6 journal made me laugh. I was such a crazy crazy girl back then. My grammar was horrible and my sentences were soo poorly constructed :)) I noticed that what I was saying basically revolves around a few topic: acads, crushes, and life in general.

1. The Richard Gutierrez era

Three-fourths of my diary entries were all about Richard Gutierrez. I had this humongous crush on Chard ever since I laid eyes on him (it's no longer applicable now though). I watched every, as in every, show that he was in. Isn't it obvious that I even counted the months and days since I last saw him on a particular show? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

2. The Chestnut, Trigger and the code name period

We all experienced having crushes right? I did have crushes before, my grade school years (Gr. 5 - Gr. 6) were filled with kilig moments especially when I saw my crush(es). My ultimate crush back then was Chestnut (formerly called Mr. Yellow because of his scarf xD). He was three years my senior and he had this group of friends who were mostly good looking (my tropa all had a crush with some of them). It was truly an exciting period for me and my friends!

Then there was Trigger. As I was reading his name a while back, I can't honestly remember who he was. It took me an hour to remember. Trigger was in the same grade as I (but in a different section). I think one reason I liked him then was because he plays basketball well. LOL

3. A1
I used to listen to music before (passionately). I do love boy bands after all but let me say that A1 will forever be my favorite band. No one can surpass them in my heart. You could just imagine my sadness when Paul left. Things have never been the same ever since and somehow, I lost my interest in music.

There you have it, my Grade 6 diary! There are also Harry Potter entries but I will tackle it in a separate post :)

Prologue: Notebooks

Starting from this post, I'll be posting several entries about things that occurred when I was still young (2002-2004).

What do these notebooks contain? Fragments of my childhood, mostly musings about my crushes! LOL. And proof of my obsessions xD


It's been a year

This exact day last year, I watched my first ever World Cup game (Spain versus The Netherlands) even if it was a replay (LOL).

It was also the day when I was captivated by Sergio Ramos's hair and La Furia Roja (Nando Nando Nando Nando, every moment a dayyyy).

Time flew by so fast right? From a noob fan, I can say that I am now a bit more knowledgeable about football. I CAN UNDERSTAND CLUB LOYALTY and I know more players as compared to before (also the rules).

I think my love for football will continue on as long as I live :) Only three more years and we'll get to witness it in Brazil ;)

Colgando En Tus Manos Video Compilation

My all time favorite Spanish song (I know a few songs though but it will be hard to beat this one :D). It debuted a few years back but since I'm not into anything Spanish that time I only discovered it a few months back :P

Last night, I found myself watching CetM performances on YT, and I would like to share some of it. (disclaimer: I do not own these vids, I just found them on YT :P)

I like how naughty the song seems =P and also how Carlos and Marta's performances ranged from playful to flirty to steamy. JAJA

1. My ultimate favorite perf. Why? First is because it was sung live. Second is they were wearing white (looked so pure but then they were flirting, haha). Third - I love their chemistry and their facial expressions. Fourth: I love Carlos Baute's smile and the way his eyes spoke every time he smiled.

2. Even if this wasn't sung live, but the performance itself was RAWWWWWWRRRRRR (my emphasis on the errrrrrrrrre). Their hottest performance ever? LOLz. This would be my favorite if only they didn't lip-sync. WTV I think because it was lip synched, they got to focus more on their action :D And did anyone notice something about this vid? HAHA. BTW, Marta es muy bonita y muy seeexxxxxxxyyyyyy.

3. Just because Carlos said Hola Madrid. JK. They sang it live (I do love that) and the audience sang with them (plus a bigger stage too!).

4. Carlos looked mighty fine in his clothes plus you can see him smiling a lot :)

I'll stop here. There are a lot of vids out there you may want to check it out. I really love these two on screen. They are so fun to watch (especially Marta's aggressiveness xD).

12 hours of selfishness

This question was raised during our dorm's meeting de avance a few minutes ago:

"If you are given 12 hours to be inside a famous person's body, who will be that person and what will you do?"

My answer?

None other than THE MOU. LOL. Imagine being around the likes of Ozi, Sergio, Xabi, Kaka, CRon, San Iker, etc? What more if you can direct and instruct them? xD

My first order: No one will leave this place for the next 12 hours. WAHAHA. Then I'll let fate take its course.

I'll try to be nice to freak the players out. Or I can throw bottles at them =D

TBH, I'm so curious about what's going on in this guy's head. How would it feel to be Mourinho for a day?


Hola! Como estais mi amigas? JAJA.

I'm tired. Just plain tired. I think this sem is gonna be the most toxic sem for me, ever. The thought of all those papers, reports, etc is enough to get me stressed. There are times that thinking can cause you more stress than the act of doing it. Or is it just me because I tend to over think stuff? HAHA. See I'm getting incoherent. Blame my 197 paper (I accomplished an essay consisting of 38 words for this day, BRAVO Machi, Bravo)! All these ICTs, democracy, digital divide, civic and political participation are making me insane. If only I'm the type who engages in some of these then life would be easier :|

On the bright side, Azkals won over Sri Lanka! Congrats guys, you make us proud. Did you know that I had this hair raising moment just before the kick off started? Seeing the Azkals on the pitch made me envision them standing on a WC pitch. Rizal Stadium (esp. the field) looks fabulous (considering its past condition). Sana we can pull a North Korea-like feat para sa qualifiers na 'to. Magiipon na talaga ako for WC Brazil, tapos I'll choose a place na malapit sa camp ng Spain or Germany! O malay natin baka pati PH nandun na? We can never tell :) (Sana magkapremonition ako xD)
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