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This picture made my evening (source: kickette)

I may have to consider DL-ing all Brazil's matches during the 2010 worldcup. As in honestly, I'm that close to actually doing that. Kaka is one fine man. He is perfection :) and as my fail Italian knowledge would permit:
lui è molto perfetto ♥. perfezione = Kaka
I'm sure I'll learn more about this man in the weeks to come. And he may even rise higher in my top footballer's list ;)

My Dad, Swimming and Andrii

As I exited my room, my dad called me "Machay (my nickname), a swimming competition's on TV".

It's not that I'm a swimmer (I can't swim) but my family is aware of my Phelps addiction and everytime they see a swimmer they immediately think of me and Phelps, hahaha. How cute is that?

Just as I was channel surfing a few minutes back, I saw an awarding ceremony of the YOG (youth olympic games), and I saw him, Ukraine's Andrii Govorov, from whatI've read, he's 18 and he has won two gold medals in swimming, now now now, what have we got here? I'm hoping I'll see more of him in future competitions :D

My favorite football players

I felt the urge to post my favorite football players =) But first, please bear in mind that I'm a newbie fan, and my knowledge of players will only be limited to those who played in WC 2010 (mostly Spain NT players).

My preference is pretty much influenced by whether a player is married or not (hahahahahaha). Ranks #1 and #2 are important, as for the rest, the numbers don't matter that much since I'm still confused on who I like better.

1. Sergio Ramos. You shouldn't be surprised. He's El Ramos. No matter what happens, he'll forever be my number 1.

2.5 David Villa. If he isn't married yet, then it would have been better. Still fatherhood suits him best. There's something about David Villa that draws anyone to him, don't you agree?

2.5 Cesc Fabregas. Ever since I first saw him play in the WC, I was bothered. Bothered by his presence, I think I was curious and entranced. His name says it all.

4. Fernando Torres. Nando oh Nando. You're the reason why I discovered my love for football. Plus we share the same birthday so you'll always be special. And what's Sernando without Fernando?

5. Kaka. Though I haven't seen him play, still everytime I see him, I can't help but feel that he's one of the humblest and kindest person ever.

6. David Silva. There's this thing about him I can't explain.

7. Mesut Ozil. Don't even ask me why.

8. Jesus Navas. It's his eyes.

9. Alvaro Arbeloa. Thank goodness he's on twitter, or else I wouldn't discover how funny/amazing he is. HAHA. Everytime I see him, I can't help but smile :)

10. Joachim Loew. He's a coach I know, but I'm sure you've seen him in WC 2010.

There you have it my favorite football players as of the moment. You might be wondering how about the runner-ups?

Well here they are: Guti (too bad I never saw him play), Iker, Muller, Wesley Sneijder (anyone who saw him cry during the finals will feel his sorrow TT), Xabi, Puyi (ahaha, more of like a father figure for me, though he is single) and Ronaldo (it's a like-hate feeling i have of him)


I'm under stress right now, still I am doing nothing about it.

Reasons for my worries:

[ ] Exam on CRes 115 (readings that are about 200 pages long)
[ ] Survey Instrument for CRes 115 (thinking about it makes my head ache)
[ ] Comm 140 Report (I hate reporting, I hate public speaking + this report was over 1.5 months delayed)
[ ] CRes 125 RRL + Pics (arggghhh, the word RRL is enough to make anyone crazy)

These things above should be accomplished this coming week and idk where to start o.O

Additional worries:

[ ] Comm 140 as a subject (argghhh major stress, the subject with the most unreasonable requirements everrrrr~)
[ ] BC 100 report (report, report, report, and I don't even know where can I get the info to be reported on x.x)
[ ] CRes 110 report ('nuff said)
[ ] Tutorial Job (since it last 'til 8pm, I'm sure I'd be dead tired to even study for my exams the day after, but hey, why am I even complaining?)

First job experience

I had my first tutorial experience yesterday!

At first I was nervous because I was told that I'll be handling two kids (it's usually one-to-one) and when I asked my classmate/workmate, she told me that the kids (they're siblings) were okay but then they get bored easily. Way to boost my confidence huh? My boss also told me the same thing and that I should make sure that they wouldn't get bored easily and I should provide trivias (the kids love that) - and that was when I really panicked (internally, haha).

What happened after the 2 hour tut. period? I was happy and I felt that time flew so fast. All the time I was observing whether or not the kids were bored but luckily they weren't. And I think we all enjoyed the experience, I love teaching them Math, and I love seeing their expressions when they get the right answer (especially the younger one of the two). And we talked about a lot of things, anything under the sun, of course I was a tad nervous all throughout that time but as I get the hang of it, it felt nice.

Lyka (the younger sis) asked me, "Ate do you have self-confidence?" I asked her why ask that question (I thought she deemed me lacking of s-f), but then she replied that I do have a lot of self-confidence while teaching them, and that made me ultra glad ^.^ See, I was caught off guard :)

Another thing, a little girl (my workmate's tutoree) told me that I am pretty, she kept repeating that, even to her mom, hahahahahahaha. That made me smile like crazy, I never heard anyone told me that for the longest time.

Overall I'm happy with my job, still it's too early to conclude ;)

Music Playlist

Since I'm taking a break from reviewing Particle Physics (which I can't understand), I'll post the list of music I've been listening to whenever I have the time.

Beware, the list below proves how much of an oldie music lover I am (hahahahahahaha, not really as in old, old).
[arranged in a random order]

1. Ti Yan - F4/JKVK
2. I Lay My Love On You - Westlife
3. Do You Remember - Aaron Carter
4. Damn - Bellefire
5. Listen To Your Heart - DHT
6. Kiss Me - Sixpence none the Richer
7. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
8. Waiting For You - F4/ JKVK
9. Hajimari no Kaze - Hirahara Ayaka
10. If You Come Back - Blue
11. Cradle - Atomic Kitten
12. One Last Song - A1
13. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
14. Love Doesn't Have to Hurt - Atomic Kitten
15. Gypsy - Shakira
16. I'm All About You - Aaron Carter
17. It's The Way You Make Me Feel - Steps
18. Living The Dream - A1
19. All I Want Is Your Love - Inoj
20. Why Do I Love You - Weslife
21. Time After Time - Cindy Lauper
22. Penny and Me - Hanson
23. Say Something Anyway - Bellefire
24. One More Try - A1
25. The Last Goodbye - Atomic Kitten
26. Need to Be Next To You - Leigh Nash
27. Runaway - Krissy and Ericka
28. Dream Star - The Generous
29. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
30. The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten
31. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears
32. Girl In Your Dreams - M2M
33. True - Ryan Cabrera
34. I'll Never Get Over You - Bellefire
35. All The Love In The World - The Corrs
36. Perfect Bliss - Bellefire
37. Don't Love You No More - Craig David
38.Waka Waka - Shakira

Pretty long list right? Still, most of these songs are the ones I can listen to repeatedly, and though they're fairly old but still they're so good (as compared to today's music)

Part Time Job

Yesterday I applied for a part time job (tutor), and was accepted on the spot.

We (together with some of my classmates) took an exam (which I obviously failed), were asked to do a demo (I was assigned to teach GS Filipino, and honestly I can't remember any lessons), and were interviewed.

I'm okay with working but then I was a little hesitant 'coz it may interfere with my life (I don't want to stay until Saturday) and my acads (as if I'm studying, lmao), and we were given a six month contract, I guess my biggest worry is how will I manage during the semester break? I won't go to QC just because of that (+ I don't have a place to stay).

But then, I know I'll manage, and it's money we're talking about here, who'll complain? Just as my mom said "it's good for you to have a job, at least you'll be busy).

My first Sergio dream

Can you believe that?

I dreamed about Sergio last night, I would have forgotten about it if only I hadn't come across a page with Sergio Ramos' height on it.

What is it about?

Sergio was in the locker room with some of the players I think, and I was sort of at the door watching them (hahaha), then someone told Sergio to take his shoes off, then he did. After he did that, I approached him to compare our heights, and when I did, I was so disappointed, we have the same height! How disappointing was that? To make sure, I even asked him to turn around, so that we can carefully see our height difference but it was still the same.

What a crazy dream right? Of all the things I can dream of Sergio, why is it something about his height??? LOLz. He's a 6-footer, though I discovered that my younger brother is taller than him (my bro's 6'2 i think), so I do have an idea how tall Sergio is.

Survey (Personal)

Name:: Maricar/Machay
Birthdate:: March 20
Birth Place:: Cavite Philippines
Current Location:: bedroom
Eye Color:: dark brown
Hair Color:: black/brown, but I died it burgundy (but the color's a lil bit faint)
Height:: 5"4 1/2??
Weight:: I haven't weighed myself for years xD
Piercing:: ears
Tattoos:: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: none at the moment, lolz (i'm not searching for one though)
Overused Phrase:: "something"


Food:: mashed potato
Candy:: anything sour
Number:: 4 and 7
Color:: green, blue and orange
Animal:: none -.-
Drink:: red tea! and iced tea
Alcohol:: none (I'm allergic to it)
Bagel:: none
Letter:: M :)
Body Part on Opposite sex:: eyes and hair


Pepsi or Coke:: Coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:: McDonalds
Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:: Iced tea
Chocolate or Vanilla:: vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:: coffee
Kiss or Hug:: hug
Dog or Cat::: dog
Rap or Punk:: rap :)
Summer or Winter:: Winter, I'm fed up with summer, haha
Movies or Funny Movies:: both
Love or Money:: can i have both?


Bedtime:: when I'm at my dorm I usually sleep at around 11pm, when I'm at home it's about 12mn
Most Missed Memory:: grade school years :)
Best physical feature:: eyelashes, you should see it, yeehaa
First Thought Waking Up:: breakfast!
Goal for this year:: to save money!
Best Friend(s):: Joice :)
Weakness:: laziness
Fears:: spiders, public speaking, reporting
Heritage:: Filipino :)
Longest relationship:: 2.5 years?


Ever Drank:: yes
Ever Smoked:: no
Pot:: no
Ever been Drunk:: no, despite being allergic, i think I have a high alcohol tolerance
Ever been beaten up:: no
Ever beaten someone up:: no, i'm kind, lmao
Ever Shoplifted:: no
Ever Skinny Dipped:: no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:: haha, yes
Been Dumped Lately:: no


Favorite Eye Color:: gray, green and blue
Favorite Hair Color:: brown
Short or Long:: anything will do as long as it suits him (thinks of sergio)
Height:: he should be taller than me
Style:: anything will do (thinks of sergio's fashion sense, haha)
Looks or Personality:: personality
Hot or Cute:: Both :D
Drugs and Alcohol:: alcohol
Muscular or Really Skinny:: middle-ish
Who is the Guy or Girl you wish you were with Right Now? Sergio Ramos ^^


Number of Regrets in the Past:: a lot
What country/world do you want to Visit:: Spain, Europe, S.Korea, Japan, Neptune and Uranus and Jupiter
How do you want to Die:: in my sleep
Been to the Mall Lately:: yiiiss
Do you like Thunderstorms:: neutral
Get along with your Parents: Yes
Health Freak:: nah
Do you think you're Attractive:: idk, lol


Want to go to College:: I'm in college
Do you Smoke:: no!
Do you Drink:: rarely
Shower Daily:: yes
Been in Love:: before (if that was indeed love)
Do you Sing:: nooo
Want to get Married:: definitely
Do you want Children:: yes
Have your future kids names planned out?:: It depends on who I'm with, but yeah i do have names (michael and ian, or michael ian, or ian michael)
Hate someone:: no
If you're in Love, who is it?:: at the moment? Sergio's the closest. :DDD

Conversation with my Mom

I share the same bed with my mom, and as we were about to sleep yesterday, I told her

"I want to have my masters, but then I'll work for two years first"

Mom: That's good.

Me: I want to have my masters abroad. Not in Korea, nor in Asia. I want to do it in Europe.

Mom: *listens*

Me: Plus, I don't want to live in S. Korea anymore (in the future - my dream before), I want to live in Europe and find my husband there.

Mom: You already want to have a husband???!

Me: Not yet! but then I want my future children to be cute, so I think a mix between a European and a Filipina is a good one.

Mom: Where in Europe then? London? Ah, I think it's good in Spain.

Me: SPAIN?!!! YES, definitely Spain! I want to study and live there! How did you know that it's good in Spain?

Mom: A lot of our neighbors relatives are already living there.

Me: Really? How many??

Mom: *my mom enumerates all the people she knows

Me: OMG! Mama, I need some connections to go there! Seriously. Don't you know someone there???

HAHAHA. And our conversation continued, we talk about Spain, its language, Spain and Italy, London, jobs, and a whole lot more.

I think my mom is aware of my obsession with Spain since she suggested it herself, but I doubt if she knew of my addiction to Sergio (maybe she thought that it was Nando). A few weeks back, as I was posting an entry, she saw a picture of xabi, busquets (? I think) and Sergio, know what she said? "Is that Michael (Phelps)?" Haha. Apparently, my mom only knows of Michael. And every guy she sees is Michael. LMAO. Soon enough, she'll hear and see more of Sergio :D
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