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Harry Potter

a post dedicated to HP (obviously).

So I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Thursday, and I personally believed that it was the best HP film ever (gotta wait for the 2nd part).

What I did was I rewatched HP 1-6 this weekend with my cousin (who has never read the books nor watched the movies) and while doing so, a lot of memories resurfaced (emo alert).
I first watched the film before I read any of the books. I remember back when I was still in grade 5 (I think), my dad rented a film. He told me to watch it because he heard that it's good. And so I did, from what I can recall, I enjoyed the film but then I was a bit clueless about what was happening (I was still young), I didn't even know that it was based from a book xD

Then I was in grade 6. I was away from school, competing in an editorial contest somewhere in Quezon province. We stayed there for I think three days? We slept at a class room, there was no radio, no TV, nothing. Thankfully, one of my classmates brought a book: HP and the Chamber of Secrets, it was then that I first read the book (out of boredom), and the rest is as you know it.
Since I'm in he mood for reminiscing, let me tell you my HP films experience

The Sorcerer's Stone & Chamber of Secrets - rented a copy of the movie.
Prisoner of Azkaban - bought a pirated copy and *regretted it.
Goblet of Fire - I think I rented a copy.
Order of the Phoenix - I was a college freshie then (lived in a dormitory), and can you believe that I watched it all by myself in a cinema? HAHAHAHA. Me = the eternal loner.
Half-Blood Prince - watched it in a movie house with Joanna :)
Deathly Hallows
- with roommates ;)

*Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book out of the series, and you could just imagine my remorse after watching the movie (pirated copy). PoA remains as my least favorite HP movie (at some point CoS is my least fav.), ohhh the irony.

I solemnly swear that I will cry at HP 7.2. When Dobby died, I cried (or teared up) a lot, same as when Sirius died. I just hate farewells :(

One of my friend tagged me a photo in FB.

Alder's supposed to be my wand ;)

Alder (Fearn)

March 18 - April 14

Sculpted in resin and measures 17.5 inches.

"The Alder Wand features a skeletal torso under the head of a serpent. Alder wood is said to protect against drowning, shield against death curses, ill omens, destructive emotions, and cultivate visions of the inner and outer worlds, bridging above and below."

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