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I'm under stress right now, still I am doing nothing about it.

Reasons for my worries:

[ ] Exam on CRes 115 (readings that are about 200 pages long)
[ ] Survey Instrument for CRes 115 (thinking about it makes my head ache)
[ ] Comm 140 Report (I hate reporting, I hate public speaking + this report was over 1.5 months delayed)
[ ] CRes 125 RRL + Pics (arggghhh, the word RRL is enough to make anyone crazy)

These things above should be accomplished this coming week and idk where to start o.O

Additional worries:

[ ] Comm 140 as a subject (argghhh major stress, the subject with the most unreasonable requirements everrrrr~)
[ ] BC 100 report (report, report, report, and I don't even know where can I get the info to be reported on x.x)
[ ] CRes 110 report ('nuff said)
[ ] Tutorial Job (since it last 'til 8pm, I'm sure I'd be dead tired to even study for my exams the day after, but hey, why am I even complaining?)

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