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Thoughts on El Clásico

I can't wait! I've been waiting for this match ever since I started loving Spain's NT. I remember what I said months ago: "I'll be fine on whichever team wins since I love them both"

However, after being exposed to the world of football, I take back what I said. LMAO. I know it's La Roja over any other team, but La Roja vs. La Roja? I'll side on the team that Sergio's in :) It's still Sergio above all the others. jajajaja. And for that #halamadrid!

My take on El Clásico: I honestly don't know.

I've never watched any El Clásico games before, nor did I watched any Barca games. And perhaps you'll stone me to death when I tell you that so far, I've only seen one Real Madrid game *hides in the corner*. It's not what you're thinking! LOL. I am updated with anything that's happening to RM, it's because I know that they're unbeatable so I'm quite at ease xD.

Another confession: I think I'm a fan of the Premier League than La Liga (for now).

Moving on, I do hope that Real Madrid wins. Their last win over Barca was in 2008, and I guess it's time to break that spell. Why? Well, because I'm watching? jajajajajaja. JK.

Barca's got the best players in the world (duh, Messi, Xavi, Villa, etc), no doubt about that. But RM also got fine players (SERGIO! Higuain! lol) and the best keeper at that (yay, San Iker!). And I think having Ozil will definitely make a difference (go go go go Mesut!).



A few days back, I thought that it will be shown tomorrow at dawn (I even prepare to wake up early for that), but it will be shown either tomorrow evening or at dawn on Tuesday (PH Time).

BOO. It definitely s*cks to live in a dorm. The connection won't permit me + I have a full day sched ahead of me on Tuesday (and a quiz TT).

So I vowed to myself that I won't spoil myself. I won't open my twitter, fb, ymail, or any site concerning football until I get to DL and watch the match on Friday.

But, it will always be Real Madrid for me. Sana magdilang anghel ako.


So I was wrong. They did lose. And a terrible one for that. I told myself that I won't be spoiled, but as I was DL-ing the match, I accidentally saw the result, at first I was reluctant to believe it, but as I was watching the game, I knew that it was useless to hope.

The thing is, Barcelona did great, I commend them for that. They were the better team, and for that congratulations :)

Thoughts: Mou shouldn't have subbed Mesut out, lol. Like for real, he could had done something to change the outcome of the game.

And I never knew Higuain wouldn't be able to play, that may also be a factor.

And the drama. Really. Seeing the "fights" that ensue was more exciting than the game itself. CRon and Pep, and the "RAMOS" explosion towards the end. Oh Sergio. That was heartbreaking to watch :|

Overall, despite the outcome, it was an unforgettable El Clasico for me. Definitely an unforgettable first =D

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