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My favorite football players

I felt the urge to post my favorite football players =) But first, please bear in mind that I'm a newbie fan, and my knowledge of players will only be limited to those who played in WC 2010 (mostly Spain NT players).

My preference is pretty much influenced by whether a player is married or not (hahahahahaha). Ranks #1 and #2 are important, as for the rest, the numbers don't matter that much since I'm still confused on who I like better.

1. Sergio Ramos. You shouldn't be surprised. He's El Ramos. No matter what happens, he'll forever be my number 1.

2.5 David Villa. If he isn't married yet, then it would have been better. Still fatherhood suits him best. There's something about David Villa that draws anyone to him, don't you agree?

2.5 Cesc Fabregas. Ever since I first saw him play in the WC, I was bothered. Bothered by his presence, I think I was curious and entranced. His name says it all.

4. Fernando Torres. Nando oh Nando. You're the reason why I discovered my love for football. Plus we share the same birthday so you'll always be special. And what's Sernando without Fernando?

5. Kaka. Though I haven't seen him play, still everytime I see him, I can't help but feel that he's one of the humblest and kindest person ever.

6. David Silva. There's this thing about him I can't explain.

7. Mesut Ozil. Don't even ask me why.

8. Jesus Navas. It's his eyes.

9. Alvaro Arbeloa. Thank goodness he's on twitter, or else I wouldn't discover how funny/amazing he is. HAHA. Everytime I see him, I can't help but smile :)

10. Joachim Loew. He's a coach I know, but I'm sure you've seen him in WC 2010.

There you have it my favorite football players as of the moment. You might be wondering how about the runner-ups?

Well here they are: Guti (too bad I never saw him play), Iker, Muller, Wesley Sneijder (anyone who saw him cry during the finals will feel his sorrow TT), Xabi, Puyi (ahaha, more of like a father figure for me, though he is single) and Ronaldo (it's a like-hate feeling i have of him)

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nani_ozil said...

I love Mesut Ozil too...

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