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The LA Galaxy experience (the bus moment)

Perhaps if there is one thing I would never ever forget about last night, it was the part after we got out of the stadium.

Here goes.

We decided to try our best to get near to the LA Galaxy players (I was hoping to see AJ and thank him personally for the tickets, which was nearly impossible). We stayed outside and took in our surroundings (but more of observing where the players will emerge) but sadly there was no way for us to get near them.

We positioned ourselves somewhere near the gate, we tried to get close but the security wouldn't allow us. Luckily for us, a kind officer took pity and he let us get close. Still, the only chance for me to see them would be when the bus leaves. All that time, we were busy finding any sheet of paper to right something for AJ (so that he'll notice us). We were at a lost for quite sometime and fortunately, Ziru found one. Then Ziru (with Hannie's help) wrote/draw this:

The thumbs up sign should have been 'a thank you' but it was too long so Ziru decided to draw that. She included my name because AJ should remember it (I mentioned it on my second post).

So we positioned ourselves and I was holding the paper up high (I'm not normally like that, I'm usually reserved) and guess what? We were on the right side, and AJ and the rest of the players were on the left side of the bus! What a disappointment. LUCKILY, they were stuck in traffic so we ran our way to their side and I flashed the paper.

It took some seconds for AJ to see, some of his teammates saw it first (look at the picture above, they were looking in our direction!!) and they sorta glanced at AJ. And then he saw. And he smiled and I tried to maintain eye contact (I think I was successful). Then he did this:

Not once, not twice and not even thrice! He was doing it for at most a minute I think? While looking at our direction! He saw the thumbs up sign! And he was smiling! (the girls beside me thought the thumbs up was for them, hahaha) The bus moved and got stuck in the traffic again. I edged myself closer to his side and when I looked at him, I mouthed "thank you", I repeated it at least thrice because I thought he did not understand what I was trying to tell him, after the third try, he nodded and smiled at me. And I really thought he remembered me. LOL. But when I tweeted him:

HAHA. He did not remember! But it's okay :P At least he remembered doing the thumbs up sign and seeing his name on a piece of paper (he was probably wondering why my name was on the paper that night).

LOL. The good part about it? Some of his teammates were constantly looking at our direction! hahahahaha (or masyado lang akong nagaassume). I think it was rare for them to see someone cheering for AJ and not for Becks and Donovan :P But can you blame me? The guy made one of my wishes come true! It was more than I could ask for. As I've said, AJ dela Garza, thank you very much, you have a good heart :) And to Ate Ruzelle too, if not for you I wouldn't be this happy.


Up until now, I can't believe the amount of luck I had. Getting four tickets was enough, moreso that it came from an international player. But being interviewed? Meeting famous people? Experiencing all the kilig moments? Him tweeting me twice?

Wake me up after this dream ends.

If ever Real Madrid will come here to play, I swear I will be fully prepared. But hopefully it will not be soon, I'm just a student, they can come after my graduation! LOL

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