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La Galaxy - Azkals (Appetizer/the aftermath)

Since I'm still quite busy with my 199 paper, I would just like to share what I am feeling right now:

I felt that what happened yesterday was a dream. It was surreal. I had my assumptions and expectations but never did I think that I will get more than what I asked for. I am so blessed.

I felt bad for my previous ranting post. If only I knew. Anyway, the biggest surprise for me was reading my name in a news article on

Having my name alongside Beckham? and other big names? WOW. Plus three paragraphs dedicated to me? Can I die now?

THOUGHTS. Of course I am ecstatic to see my name on a news site but what struck me most was the one underlined. I maybe a football fan girl (in the sense that I like football hotties) but I'd like to think of myself as more than that. I love football, I have long since passed the period where all I cared for were the gorgeous ballers. The game is special - i don't have words really. And I do have high regards to girls who love football - those who really really really love it, if you know what I mean =))

*** oh my. Pardon my comment about the substitution part, now I realize how shallow and dumb it was for me to tell that. It was probably my frustration about them subbing out key LA Galaxy players that led to that (frankly, my mind became blank when the reporter asked me about my thoughts in the game, it happens I tell you). People paid to see Beckham, Donovan, etc. and they subbed them out too early? C'mon! If ever I were given the chance to answer that question, I would say: I hope the Azkals took the game to heart and not be starstruck by the players. Even if it's a friendly, the Filipino expects them to give their all. Wouldn't it be nice that Beckham's popularity would be eclipsed by Filipinos feeling that the Azkals can be up par with LA Galaxy? -LOL. Now that was a hundred times better.

The second surprise?

AJ DeLaGarza replied to my tweets. TWICE. Life couldn't get better! It's quite sweet of him to reply to me and his fans :) This is the first time that someone replied to my tweet (not that I occasionally pester players, I'm quite shy. haha)

As for the topic of our convo, I'll deal with it in a separate post :P

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