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2011 proved to be one of the best I've had so far, I guess every new year proves to be better than the old one or it is just the maturity thing kicking in. Everytime I looked at the fireworks during new year, I can't help but wonder what the year would bring and how my life (and my family's) would fare.

And yet, a few days before the year ends, I can't help but be thankful that I have survived another year. Enough of the drama. Here's my year-end post for 2011 :)


1. Family - I'm thankful for being with my family and for all their support and love. We may not be that showy with one another but we each have our own way of showing it.

2. Friends - for all the old ones and the new ones I have met this year :)

3. Doing well in school - not really well, well. But I'm glad that there are only two sems left (including this one) before I can finally say babye to college. And last sem was the toughest one I had in the history of my schooling.

4. All the blessings. YEAH. There were a lot. It would took ages to enumerate them all. Funny
thing was, right after New Year, I felt like the unluckiest person alive but things turned out for the better and even if the remaining last weeks of this month dampened my spirits (mostly acads' doing), nothing would beat all the blessings I've received this year.


1. Mama's 60th birthday - no explanation needed.

2. The birth of Jiggy cam and Bambi (ipod)

3. Watching my first ever football game live - UP vs. UST Finals

4. Jinggoy greeting me on my birthday and accepting my FB friend request (he WAS my crush that time, don't worry though, I'm still a fan).

5. Harry Potter 7.2 - there goes my life. But HP will forever remain in my heart :)

6. Mesut Ozil addiction - I finally admitted to myself that I love Ozi best among all the football players out there :))

7. Azkals vs. LA Galaxy game - heck, I watched it live! and had seen Becks' curve ball first hand and I finally saw a 'real' football game (not that UAAP football isn't real) live.

8. Receiving the free tickets from an LA Galaxy player no less. HAAA! If I ain't lucky xD

9. Having my name mentioned in an ABS-CBN news article online

10. People tweeting me back (or replying to my tweet)

AJ delaGarza:

Marc Nelson

Pamela Clare :)

11. Reading 49 books (I think I could make that 50 before the year ends) this year! HAHAHAHA

I may have overlooked something but the things above pretty much summarized what happened in my life for this (past) year. Looking forward to great things coming! Hello 2012 :)

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