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La Galaxy - Azkals (Before the game)

5 out of the 17 items in my bucket list are football-related and one of them came true last night (which is also coincidentally the first item accomplished out of my list).

10. Watch an Azkals' game live: check.

This, I am thankful for Ate Ruzelle (who's currently residing in California) and LA Galaxy player AJ delaGarza.

Greatnews. A week ago, I was surprised to see Ate Ruzelle commenting on an old post of mine about my frustration over the pricy Galaxy vs. Azkals game. She asked me if I wanted tickets because she can help me get two tickets. I then learned that it will come from a player - and an LA Galaxy to boot! (AJ is the niece of her sister-in-law). Imagine my excitement?! Still I was a bit skeptic because it was too good to be true (if you were in my shoes I know you'll feel the same) - and I think I only met ate Ruzelle twice in person xD

Wednesday. Ate R. messaged me Wednesday telling me that AJ can probably get 4 tickets (but there were already two sure tix) and that I would have to wait until the game day to know where I can get it - still I'm a bit doubtful (and hopeful too!)

Gameday/Saturday. 12 noon and still no news. I was resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be able to watch the game (eternal sadness for me) and I was like "hello, he's an international player, how could he spare some time getting tickets when he's busy with his team". I took a bath and when I check my phone: BAM. There's a text from ate R. all the way from USA telling me to go to Makati Shangri-La to get the tickets at the concierge - 4 tickets. WOW. Imagine my HAPPINESS. AJ also told her (idk if it was to her or to his aunt) that in case any problem arose, I should tell them his room number (I know I know I know! his room number!)!!!

Shangri-la. The problem was, idk how to go to Shangri-la. HAHA. I know where it may be but I'm not confident to go alone, luckily Ziru accompanied me. We arrived at the hotel at 5pm (I was hoping that I would catch a glimpse of them and perhaps approach AJ and ask for a picture but given the lateness of our arrival, that was impossible). We proceeded to the concierge and they asked me to sign my name on this:

I blacken his room number! LOL. BUT. I assume he wrote this. He wrote my name (okay, AJ if ever you get to read this, I'm sorry for being so expressive but it meant a lot for me ^^) and I belatedly realized that our handwriting were similar.

Then here is the envelope containing our tickets:

He wrote my name again! He wrote my name twice. A footballer thought of my name (even if it was for a fleeting second), he knew Maricar T. HAHA.

Additionalthoughts. If we were right about a player having the privilege of getting two tickets, did that mean someone from his team kindly helped him get the other two (my imagination's working in overdrive)?

The tickets:

Four uppergrandstand tickets. We think each ticket costs about 12k (before they gave the discount) or 8k the least. 32 - 48k? asajshajhdkjashd; SEEEEE? And to think that he personally (I assume?) got these tickets himself (it was printed on the day itself) and he was supposed to be a busy man! :")

The thing is, the fourth ticket was never used. We had contacted friends to join us but somehow, something happened and they can't make it. Sobrang biglaan lang talaga. Parang nung tanghali nakaupo lang ako sa bahay tapos malalaman ko na lang na biglang may apat na ticket na pala (akala ko dalawa lang talaga nung una, hehe)? STILL.


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