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Hola! Como estais mi amigas? JAJA.

I'm tired. Just plain tired. I think this sem is gonna be the most toxic sem for me, ever. The thought of all those papers, reports, etc is enough to get me stressed. There are times that thinking can cause you more stress than the act of doing it. Or is it just me because I tend to over think stuff? HAHA. See I'm getting incoherent. Blame my 197 paper (I accomplished an essay consisting of 38 words for this day, BRAVO Machi, Bravo)! All these ICTs, democracy, digital divide, civic and political participation are making me insane. If only I'm the type who engages in some of these then life would be easier :|

On the bright side, Azkals won over Sri Lanka! Congrats guys, you make us proud. Did you know that I had this hair raising moment just before the kick off started? Seeing the Azkals on the pitch made me envision them standing on a WC pitch. Rizal Stadium (esp. the field) looks fabulous (considering its past condition). Sana we can pull a North Korea-like feat para sa qualifiers na 'to. Magiipon na talaga ako for WC Brazil, tapos I'll choose a place na malapit sa camp ng Spain or Germany! O malay natin baka pati PH nandun na? We can never tell :) (Sana magkapremonition ako xD)

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