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12 hours of selfishness

This question was raised during our dorm's meeting de avance a few minutes ago:

"If you are given 12 hours to be inside a famous person's body, who will be that person and what will you do?"

My answer?

None other than THE MOU. LOL. Imagine being around the likes of Ozi, Sergio, Xabi, Kaka, CRon, San Iker, etc? What more if you can direct and instruct them? xD

My first order: No one will leave this place for the next 12 hours. WAHAHA. Then I'll let fate take its course.

I'll try to be nice to freak the players out. Or I can throw bottles at them =D

TBH, I'm so curious about what's going on in this guy's head. How would it feel to be Mourinho for a day?


ziru said...

Oh F*ck, you're so fast!!! And I thought that this blog's personal. It's a football blog. LOL. Sabi mo, huhubaran mo sila 'di ba? Why suddenly become wholesome now. *smirk*

mirika02 said...

haha. Eh kasi my personal life revolves around football kaya ganun. HMMM, medyo conservative kuno ang attitude ko sa pagboblog, lol. Baka macensor eh. NYAHAHAHAHA

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