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The Future of Real Madrid

El futuro de Real Madrid.

I saw this photo at RMA FB account. Isn't it adorable? The future players of RMA (hopefully). Some of these children will be the next San Iker, Sergio Ramos, etc.

By the time they make it in the big league, I can't fangirl them anymore since I'll be too old to be their Mom. Let me make a prediction. The kid at the left most side will be a star (he was the first one I noticed). The guy at the rightmost side (2nd to the last) will just be like CRon (can you see the confidence?!). And the boys beside the goal keeper are totally cute. LMAO

I bring you young Fabrique.

and young Bambi :D

If ever I'll have a son in the future, I will make sure he'll be into football.

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