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Chapter 3: Harry Potter (part 1)

PS. Forgive my grammar =)

The day I discovered Harry Potter:

I can still remember the time (it was 3pm-ish) and the place (in our old living room). When we (Oyo and I) were young, my father loved to rent VHS/VCD every weekend. That fateful Sunday, he brought with him a copy of the Sorcerer's Stone, telling us that the clerk recommended that
film to him (saying that children will love it).

True enough, I was captivated. I can not forget the Quidditch scene! and Harry's first ever ride aboard the Hogwart's Express (the chocolate frog!). BTW, I never knew that it was based from a book (series) or that more movies will come after it xD

Then sometime between Dec 4-6 (we were in a contest in Lucena), my friend/classmate lent me her copy of the Chamber of Secrets. I was so surprised that time (refer to the paragraph above).

It was then the start of an experience that will last until who knows when.

Pic above is just my entry describing the first movie :)

Two more entries. BTW, our Grade 6 yearbook was never released. T______T Due to admin issues, a lot of students (including me) transferred to another school and I think it (old school) was their way of retaliating.

More entries. These were more of my HP memorabilia/stuff.

I still have that bookmark from my friend.

My HP pillow is still with me. It is my most treasured possession (LOL). I carry it wherever I go (where sleeping is required). It has accompanied me in Batangas (retreat), Rizal (contest), Tagaytay (family trip) and I use it in our dorm :D

Up until now, the disappearance of my mug remains a mystery. Though I suspect a member of my family accidentally dropped it. HAHA.

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