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Colgando En Tus Manos Video Compilation

My all time favorite Spanish song (I know a few songs though but it will be hard to beat this one :D). It debuted a few years back but since I'm not into anything Spanish that time I only discovered it a few months back :P

Last night, I found myself watching CetM performances on YT, and I would like to share some of it. (disclaimer: I do not own these vids, I just found them on YT :P)

I like how naughty the song seems =P and also how Carlos and Marta's performances ranged from playful to flirty to steamy. JAJA

1. My ultimate favorite perf. Why? First is because it was sung live. Second is they were wearing white (looked so pure but then they were flirting, haha). Third - I love their chemistry and their facial expressions. Fourth: I love Carlos Baute's smile and the way his eyes spoke every time he smiled.

2. Even if this wasn't sung live, but the performance itself was RAWWWWWWRRRRRR (my emphasis on the errrrrrrrrre). Their hottest performance ever? LOLz. This would be my favorite if only they didn't lip-sync. WTV I think because it was lip synched, they got to focus more on their action :D And did anyone notice something about this vid? HAHA. BTW, Marta es muy bonita y muy seeexxxxxxxyyyyyy.

3. Just because Carlos said Hola Madrid. JK. They sang it live (I do love that) and the audience sang with them (plus a bigger stage too!).

4. Carlos looked mighty fine in his clothes plus you can see him smiling a lot :)

I'll stop here. There are a lot of vids out there you may want to check it out. I really love these two on screen. They are so fun to watch (especially Marta's aggressiveness xD).

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