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If I were Mou

my starting 11 would be (provided that they're not suspended or injured):



Alonso, Khedira (Di Maria)

Ozil, Ronaldo, Di Maria (Kaka)

Benzema (Higuain)

For the 2nd leg, I'd probably choose (not in the exact position since I'm not knowledgeable about the midfielders position (attacking, defensive, etc):


Carvalho, Marcelo, Arbeloa

Alonso, Kaka, Di Maria

Ronaldo, Ozil, Benzema


I would never have ticked that referee off no matter what. With two players already banned from playing the next leg, I would have keep my head a bit cooler (though I can't really blame Mou, especially that he's being Mou).

I'd put Kaka/Higuain/Benzema in the game, it would not hurt to play a little offensively.

As for the game (those in red are recent additions, mostly added after reading and watching related news about the game):

* Real Madrid was the lesser team. *sigh* We all know how great Barca is (it's a given fact) but somehow, RM was not being itself last night (not sure about the grammar, but wtv)
* The direct red card on Pepe, wth was that ref (I've heard/read of your past exploits)!. I'd want to know more about the situation (I wasn't paying attention) but I swear I will never watch that game again. Just the mere thought of going through all that emotion pains me.
* I've seen the clip. Pepe didn't even touch Alves' leg and he (Alves) was even carried out by a stretcher whilst clutching his "leg"
* Pinto slapped Arbeloa (which explained the commotion after the first half)
* There were a lot of "unfollowing" in twitterverse. Pique unfollowed Sergio and Arbeloa, the two did the same. I hope del Bosque can sort this out :|
* Barca filed a complaint against Mou's action during the game (to UEFA). RMA filed something against Barca too
* Barca player were quite the actors. There were a lot of diving, whining, and complaining that were down right annoying (forgive my bitter self for this comment). Candidates for an award: Alves, Pedro, and Busquets
* RM down with 10 men again. It's becoming a trend right?
* Hands down to Messi, he played really well
* Though Messi's 2nd goal could have been stopped, what were the defenders thinking of that time? It's Messi we're dealing here with
* Still, losing to Barca 2-0 with just 10 men (and Mou away from the bench) is more acceptable than what happened back in November right? We're improving but it still hurts, losing in Santiago Bernabeu that is.

Looking ahead to the next El Clasico, I don't want to put my hopes up, but it will be a do or die match for us. Real with Ramos and Pepe can barely contain Barca, but without them on the field (and Mou missing from the bench)? I don't even want to think about it.

However, I will always support RM no matter what. I believe a miracle can occur :D Creo que el equipo will be playing with all their heart next time (they better do). HALA MADRID.

p.s. please let Ozi play for more minutes, for all we know he could work great under pressure (my personal bias kicking in)

I may sound a bit pessimistic but I'm still 100% confident that Real Madrid can pull this one up :)

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