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Mi último sueño

Mi último sueño es vivir en España. Casar un español. Ademas, quiero visitar el Santiago Bernabeu y ver un partido de Real Madrid.

The best way to learn a language is to practice it xD

I came across this vid and quite frankly, it made me love Spain more. If there is one country I'd want to visit before I die, it will be Spain.

It's not just about football, it's more of a historical thing. Imagine being in a place that's been part of our history. To retrace the steps taken by Rizal, del Pilar and other Ilustrados. I can't blame Rizal if he wanted the Philippines to become a part of Spain. Yes, the Spaniards in the Philippines had been so hard (and brutal) on us (I despised them for that) but from what I read, the Spaniards in Spain hadn't gotten a clue on the overall situation of the Philippines back then (correct me if I'm wrong). Just like how Madrid hadn't had a clue on what was happening on Barcelona before (I read this way back before), hence the rivalry between the two. In a way, Barcelona before was almost the same as the Philippines under Spanish colonization (this fact
made me almost root for Barca at the beginning xD).

Enough of my reflections. The bottom line is: I want to go to Spain. I know it would take years and years but still I will not give up on my dream ;)

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