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I am looking forward to 2012


Like is it the end of the world? Imma party like it's the end of the world. xD

I'm looking forward to 2012 because I can feel that it will be my year.

* 2012 London Olympics - After waiting for 4 long years, finally. And it's in London. How I wish I could see it live, a glimpse of Michael Phelps will do ^________^
* I'm graduating (hopefully) - After 5 1/2 years in college, it's about time! UP just loves me, that's why =P
* 2012 European Football Championship - Spain, Germany and England - this will be interesting
* Shinhwa members completing their military services - my most favorite KPOP band. We have waited long enough
* Shinhwa comeback - 'nuff said
* Possible job? - I'd probably rest for a month after graduation

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