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We Won!

Halaaaaaa Madrid! Real Madrid defeated Barcelona to claim the Copa del Rey title :)

I woke up at around 3 am for the game and despite the mosquito bites and my stomach's rumbling, I was happy I witnessed Real Madrid winning the cup!

A pic from Arbeloa's twitter.

As what some of the players said 'we are a young team', same goes for me, I'm a newbie fan and I am glad that I got to celebrate this moment with them :D From a 5-0 loss, to a 1-1 draw, and now a 1-0 victory against their formidable rivals, Barca. Isn't it something?

Someday, I'll watch a game of you guys over at Santiago Bernabeu :) Even if it kills my wallet ^_________________^

and I think I love Ozil more than El Ramos now o.O HAAAAA.


Anonymous said...

yeah. Hala Madrid!
*but Ozil is mine! ;)

mirika02 said...

haha. Congratulations to us!

as for Ozil, let's seeeeee =) The guy's a treasure ;)

Anonymous said...


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