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Son of a Gun

I remember someone telling me or me reading somewhere that every action that we do is already premeditated by Him. Or rather there is this inexplicable connection between one's self and his environment, the things that a person does are always connected (one way or another) with his immediate surroundings (I can't really get the point straight, please forgive me).

Some call it coincidence but I discarded the idea of coincidences a long time ago. Let's just say that there is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason, there is this invisible thread connecting each and everyone of us (there I think that was my point above).

Have you ever experienced encountering something (be it a thing, a name, a person, a word) more than once throughout the day? And by doing so, it was somehow embedded in your mind?

Well my word was this: GUN

warning: this is pretty boring, haha. read at your own risk. and sorry for the grammatical errors, I typed it straight away, too lazy to proofread.

Case 1. Guns N' Roses.

Yesterday I watched Guns N' Roses' concert in Japan (1992). A thing about me, everytime I watch, read or listen to something, my mind goes into overdrive. A part of me is focused on what I am doing, but my brain is constantly thinking about other things. As I was watching, I thought about how Slash (GNR's ex-lead guitarist) mentioned that one reason why he left GNR was because Axl Rose wanted to claim the band's name as his own. So I did a quick run-through of GNR's background and learned that Axl Rose and Izzy formed GNR, and that their previous band's name was Hollywood Rose (or something to that effect). Apparently, GNR's name is inadvertently connected with Axl. So I did get the Rose part, but I was wondering where the Gun came from. I did not ponder on it that much because well you know how artists' minds go (they're pretty poetic, right?).

Case 2. Bon Jovi

Same day. Yesterday, I was listening to Bon Jovi's albums all-afternoon long. I've noticed how a few of their song titles had the name "gun" in them. I instantly remember one song that GNR performed in their concert, the one about Civil wars (?), I was beginning to think how these rock bands' songs included themes of violence, fighting and war. It was also amazing how close the time gap (both their songs were I think written between 1987-1992) between GNR and BJ's songs were (the songs about guns and wars). I started to wonder if that was a turbulent time (and props to the bands for singing about that period).

Case 3. The Bronze Horseman.

The Bronze Horseman is a book by Paullina Simons about two lovers caught in a war in Russia. You know wars right? They involve guns, death and the like. I was reading that book for over a week and I was able to finish it yesterday. In fact, I was listening to Bon Jovi as I was reading the last few chapters of the book and I thought, how fitting is my song background. I am reading about Germany and Russia's fighting while Bon Jovi is screaming guns over my earphones.

Actually, even before Case 1 and Case 2 happened, I was a bit interested with guns because of TBH. Alexander (the protagonist) was a high-ranking official in the Red Army and everytime he mentioned the weapons that he used, I was imagining them (which prompted me to search for them yesterday)

Case 4. When you think about something, the less chance you will dream about it.

I am sure you notice how when you think about someone constantly (i.e. your crushes) and wish for that someone to invade our dreams, he never comes. I was  thinking of how I might dream about wars (because no matter how much I tried to not think about it, it always plagued me) and how I don't want to dream about it. And so I sleep.

BY NOW, if you are still reading this, I am telling you that it is not about me dreaming about guns, it would not bother me if that was the case because that would be easier to explain (and I would not give any meaning to it).

Case 5. Gun shots.

I slept late yesterday. At about 3:40 am I was awakened by the sound of gunshots. What surprised me was how close it seemed, it was just outside our house (I'm pretty certain). My father said he heard seven shots (my memory remembered five). Five or seven, it did not matter. I heard n consecutive shots being fired above. After the last bullet was fired, I heard the recoiling of the gun (or the magazine? I don't know, am not knowledgeable about guns)! It was that close I tell you. The weird thing was, I was not scared.

Anyway, I won't bore you with what happened next. My point is how weird was that? Me thinking about guns and gunshots being fired close by? Which leads me to my point above.

I would like to think that our mind is indeed powerful. That there are still a lot of mysteries about our minds that science can never explain. It's a bit scary, more scary than hearing gun shots.

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