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Bye Twilight.

Watched Breaking Dawn (BD) today and it was awesome. I personally think that BD 1 & 2 are the best films out of the franchise.

Breaking Dawn was so amazing I cried. I cried during the part in the meadow. The instant when I realized what Bella was doing and saw the realization hit Edward, the tears fell. It continued when the flashbacks were shown. My heart ached when all the casts from the first movie up to the last were shown (the opening credits was equally as beautiful). However, more than that, I cried because the Twilight series was such an important part of my life, my college life to be exact.

The Twilight films were the only films that I have watched religiously in cinemas (not even Harry Potter sadly). Watching the films was the only time where me and my high school friends got to reunite. We would always look forward to November (ahhh the memories).

I am so happy on how the movie series grew. I have to admit that I hated the cast (not a fan of Rob Pat) initially but what can I do? As I watched the series, they kinda grew on me.

You know what's painful? The amount of haters the Twilight series have. And majority of these haters (I think) only came when the first movie came, when it became mainstream.

I have read Twilight even before the movie, even before it became mainstream. According to a review I made on multiply, I finished it on March 5, 2008. Not a lot, okay let me rephrase that, not many Filipinos knew it back then, I would be surprised if even three hundred people were aware of it.

I loved Twilight (the book). I remember reading it in a jeepney and smiling like crazy. I remember walking to my class holding the book and someone asking me the title of the book because the cover was amazing. I remember falling in love with Edward. Up to this date, that cafeteria meeting is still fresh on my mind.

Twilight was the best book in the series, the next four books paled in comparison. The first book was just magical. And honestly, I think it is a pity that people got to read Twilight after the movie came, after Edward was immortalized as RobPat, in my opinion people would probably enjoy Twilight more if they were not yet influenced by the movie or by the amount of hate people were throwing at the books. These haters destroyed the books, it was really a pity :(

Anyway, can I just say that I was more emotional watching Breaking Dawn part 2 than I did Harry Potter 7.5? Emotional = me crying. And I love so many characters! Emmett and Garett particularly! And Taylor Lautner *swoons*. I never did like Jacob in the books but Taylor made me appreciate Jacob more ;)

That twist near the end is one of the best parts in the movie. I remember asking for exactly that scene (sans the deaths) when I was reading Breaking Dawn, it was a good thing Stephenie Meyer is a producer :)

I feel like saying goodbye to Twilight is akin to me saying goodbye to my college life. I was introduced to the series my freshman year, and the last movie ended with me finally graduating in college :)

Farewell Twilight~

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