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The Treaty Of Tordesillas

The Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), a treaty between Spain and Portugal to divide their newly discovered lands outside of Europe, in the process, Spain conquered ME the Philippines.

placed in a new context..

The Treaty of Tordesillas is the competition of Spain and Portugal to win me over, especially between Ramos (Spain) and Ronaldo (Portugal). In this case, Spain won. LMAO. I can dream right?

So what am I being geeky about?
my own history
: The first soccer game I watched from beginning to end is the WC game between Spain and Portugal. How awesome can it get? That's a first ;)

The reason why I'm eager to see this game is because of Ramos-Torres-Ronaldo. How exciting can a game be with boys like these on the field? My heart still goes out to Sergio Ramos, no doubt, and to be honest I think my emotions intensified. If you're going to ask me which I'd prefer more: an offensive or a defensive player, I'll go for the defensive one, and I think Ramos is one of the best defenders out there. As in I can't take my eyes off him whenever he's playing (I always focus my attention on his spot).

The picture above made my heart skip! Ramos deflecting Ronaldo. OMG. I don't know a thing about soccer but I think that block (?) was amazing.

I better stop now. :) The thing is, I already love football, a game flies by so fast that you'll yearn for more :D

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