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*Post World Cup Syndrome.

I am experiencing one.

And I'm not even a football fan (up 'til last week, all I'm familiar with is David Beckham).
However, when I was preparing to go to my dorm last Monday, I happened to catch a replay of the finals (bet. Spain and The Netherlands), and I was so mesmerized that I'd rather watch it than leave my house.

Anyways, I'm sure it's not surprising who I sided with: Spain, no doubt. Why? Because of its players. I know. I know how lowly it may sound, but at least I'm telling the truth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I was kinda curious to know who Torres was ('coz his name's always on my friends' FB stats), and while watching, I was guessing who he is, but I learned later on that he did not play on that game. So then, I saw Ramos, and though I did not find him handsome, I was attracted to his headband (hahaha, I'm such a weirdo) and now, I think I like him best.

And so what I'm practically doing now is downloading matches where Spain played (not all, but most of it), and I read all the newspapers containing FIFA related news. And guess what? I think I'm gonna be a football fan. WEEE, another sport to get addicted to/to follow (I heart sports)

p.s. how I wished I watched the whole World Cup :( on the bright side, the next cup would happen on 2014, I hope I'd be rich then, so I can go see it live xD

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