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On being ambitious

My professor in one of my major subjects told us that ambitions can take you places. The higher your ambition, the likely you'll achieve greatness.

That advice fueled my determination to dream big and achieve greatness. HAHAHAHA. If you're close to me, you may already know how eager am I to become an exchange student, there are plenty of opportunities for me to become one (if I really want to) but since I've been studying in college for the longest time ever (lolz), I decided to not pursue my dream.

My prof talked about MS programs abroad and the process to secure a scholarship if you want one. First you gotta be at the top 5 or 10% of your class, now that's not easy, but I believe that if you're determined, then you can make it.

That leads me into thinking, why not try and achieve that feat? I mean, I want to have my masters (but I'll work first), and I want to have it abroad, as in seriously. Where to? SPAIN. LMAO. IKR?

As we have language electives at school, I first took Italian (because I was not fortunate enough to get Korean), and I was thinking if I should take Japanese next, but then it changed to the idea of taking French (someone told me it will be useful in my field), and now I'm 100% sure that I'll take Spanish. I hope this decision won't change. And I'm hoping my dream of going to Spain will come true someday (+ Spain is sort of historical right? History has a special place in my heart).

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